native american in the new world

written by: kyle jeffries

the anasazi tribe

the Anasazi tribe built many things like: dams, ditches, canals, and houses. they're houses were from adobe and stone, plus the houses were multi-story buildings, but they also looked like an apartment structure that lived along walls and hills or large plaza. the heart of the of one the civilizations in choco canyon is with person called Pueblo bonito were there was a massive complex of 1000 people. then later on they built trading networks. the crafts men of the tribe made: turquoise jewelry, woven baskets, heavily influenced art work, and architecture. that had left perhaps left from many droughts.

the adena tribe

the adena tribe blived in the ohio valey region around 700 bc. they were amazing farmers they grew: sqaush, sunflowers, gourds, and bmounds, barley. they produce alot cool things like: exquisite copper, jewerly, and fine pottery. they also made mounds, were made up of logs and piles of earth.

the hopewell tribe

the hopewell tribe arrived in ohio valley in 300 bc. they built mounds for they're houses, the mounds were 40ft high and were 100ft wide. do to some recent discoveries we believe that they had a massive trade network. the one thing i learned about the two tribes we just talked about are refered to as " mond builders ".

the mississippians tribe

the mississppians arrived in Mississippi valley in 800 ad. they were amazing farmers that grew plants that were used for many foods, and when added maize and beans, that had an increase in population. so after a few years there population grew way to big so they had to start asking for land. so now with the land they got from fellow leaders they got from fellow neighbors they put cities within sections of the land with 10,000 people in each city the largest city was Cahokia. now the center of the city of Cahokia's was a massive mound that was, 100ft high and the base was more than 14 acres. so now surrounding that mound are 120 and small mounds.