Oil in the Sea

2009 oil spill clean up

Should We Be Worried Or Not

We definitely need to be worried! Many animals are being injured by the oil and some animals are also being killed! Also imagine if you wanted to have a nice day at the beach and you go there and it is covered in oil and BP is saying it is no big deal and we don't need to be worried.

How Did We Approach This Problem?

At first we thought it would be a good idea to find the area of the whole oil spill so we could ride in the giant helicopter to suck up all the oil in our giant vacuum and it would be particularly for oil so it would not suck up all of the animals so that we can take them to places that clean animals.

The Total Area Of The Oil Spill

The total area is 320.5 miles squared.
BP Oil Spill Gulf OF Mexico 2010 Footage and Images.