13 Colonies History

By Kelly, Alexis, Luke, and Sam

Economics By Kelly Prince

Commerce In New England

New England had many small businesses some people even used the water power from the streams on their land to run mills for grinding grain, sawing lumber. Woman made cloth garments candles or soap, they made enough to sell or trade. Big towns attracted skilled craftspeople who set themselves up as printers, furniture makers, shoemakers, gunsmiths, metal smiths and blacksmiths. Also Shipbuilding was an important industry the lumber for building ships came from the forest of New England and was transported down rivers to shipyards in coastal towns.


They crossed the Atlantic with furs fish and fruit to trade for manufactured goods in England and Europe.They used the Triangular trade route it was called this because the stops formed a triangle

The middle passage was the inhumane part of the route that was the shipping of enslaved Africans.