Essence Everidge, 1/11/16, 7th grade


Tutorials are used to help students with something from a class that they don't understand. I like this learning style because, personally I have struggled in a core class and I got my POC (point of confusion) cleared up. This made me feel fresh and relieved from stress.


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Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are a type note taking system. With Cornell Notes I can study for test, quizzes, exams and other things. This has helped me realize Cornell Notes are there to help you and you can do whatever you want with them to help you study or prepare.


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Public Speaking

Some people are nervous about talking in public, but not me. Now that we went over it in Avid I've learned the rights, the wrongs and the vocabulary for public speaking. Maybe this can help me in the future when I go to college or try to get a job by an interview.


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Organization helps me with using different tools to keep up with being clean and neat. In AVID we organize our binder to find things quickly. Instead of having a messy,untidy binder you can have an organized and clean one.


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A TRF is a sheet that you fill out with your POC. A POC is your point of confusion on an assignment, test or quiz. Using that has helped me by being prepared for tutorials.


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Grade Tracker

A grade tracker is a sheet that you fill out with your grade for each subject and your missing assignments for that class. Also, you need a parent signature at the bottom for it to be accepted. This has helped me keep up with my grades and know what I did to earn them.
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Next semester I will grow to stay organized and grow to make my grades higher on a grading tracker. Staying organized will help me find things quicker without taking apart my binder. To add, I want to keep my grades high to get a good GPA and to impress the ones that really matter to me.
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Thank You For Your Time