Artificial intelligence

Expert systems

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence for management systems are a good thing because it means that as long as you leave a system running and gathering information it will be able to get smarter and smarter allowing it to get data relating to the situation more easily and more efficiently than before.

in a management system having an artificial intelligence means that it will be able to learn about what people need in that management system more and more as time goes on and will be able to run faster as it learns what people needs

Expert systems

an expert system is a computer system/program that emulates a decision that normally a person may do instead and would need to be made but in a much quicker fashion to how fast a person would make it depending how good the computer is and it's processing power.

This computer would be part of a system that would need constant decisions to be made about knowledge and complex problems quickly and easily without the need for a human there, so it can be done outside of the normal working hours because it can work independently without the need for human interference