KMES Media Center

Welcome New Staff!

On Media Class Day

Please have a student or two come to pick up a black, rolling crate to collect books in and return them to the media center first thing in the morning. We appreciate your help returning books in the morning so they are checked in before classes start arriving.

Class entrance is from the doors by the gym closest to the school garden.

Media Center 411

Media Specialist: Jenny Dalsted

Media Assistant: Carrie Vrieze

The KMES Media Center is here to encourage reading and support your classroom curriculum. You and your students are welcome to check out books at any time!

  • Classes meet in the library media center during testing season (typically Sept., Jan., and May) and the North Computer lab the other months
  • Please have students bring headphones when we meet in the lab
  • A Google Doc will be shared with you for reserving iPad carts
  • There is a Level Library section if you have a student who needs guidance finding a good fit book
  • Kindergarten: One book

    Grades 1 and 2: Two books

    Grades 3 and 4: Three books

Do we have ____________?

Visit the library’s website online or on a school iPad using the Destiny Quest app. You can search for titles and see what you have checked out. Your username is first initial and last name (jdalsted) and komets is the default password. Destiny Quest online only works from school at this point.

If you ever have a unit you'd like books for--just email Jenny or Carrie. If we don't have what you're looking for, let Jenny know. We want to have the titles you need and our students want to read! Got a topic or genre you want your students to learn more about--Jenny would love to book talk titles!