Creating an Everlasting Legacy

By: Steph, Destiny, Karena, Sanaa

The Speaking and Expressing club

The “Speaking and Expressing” club at Middletown High school is going to have a big impact on students who aren't used to speak out loud or socialize with other people. It is going to help the students get school and career ready. Although some students may not wish to participate, this club could make a positive impact on the students who do.

The main purpose of the club is to help antisocial kids to speak out loud in front of big groups of people for future purposes. A student about the club was , “It’ll help kids to be able to open up.” (Nova) This is a good idea because some careers involve speaking out loud and it is necessary in college, so with this club we can get them started and get them used to speaking loud and get the audience to understand what the person is trying to say. The second opinion about the club was “it’s a good idea because it’ll help people for the better.”(Solano) This club will end up helping people for the better by helping the students to get used to the feeling of speaking out loud in any amount of people. The third opinions given by a student was, “it will let kids get prepared for the future.”(Ramirez) The future we might choose can consist of speaking out loud in front of people, and this is what the club is aiming for. The Expressive Club is going to help students speak in front of others and gain social skills that will help them in high school and in the real world. What we want to get from the club are kids who are able to speak in front of any amount of people without getting nervous or without speaking clear, and we're doing this for kids to be successful in the future. Also to help them express themselves more by getting to know what everyone is interested in and get them to find common ground and have fun.