Anthony Maldonado Onofre

How Earthquakes start☺

Earthquakes happen alot and they happen becaues when energy causes the seismic now you are probely wondering what is seismic sesmic is when waves that make the gound sakes

How much Earthquakes happen in a year?πŸ™Œ

The USGS estimates that severl MILLION Earthquakes happen in a year

Some of the biggest Earthquakes

How do earthquakes help? πŸ™‹

Earthquakes can help us by fertillze the earth by helping the plants grow. Also it can help when lava has flow into ocean it can form new islands.

How do you protect your self from earthquakes πŸ™

most pepole thinks that you ave to stay in a bathtube but to be safe you will need to go outside and stand a way from thing that might fall over that is why you need to go outside and find a spote thant nothing can fall on top of you

How long does earthquakes last for πŸ˜“

earthquakes last long for about 10 to 30 sec but it stell destroy a lot of stuff and buildings as well it is amazing how littel time can do so much destruction