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June 19th, 2022

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Cup of Joe

A Cup of Joe June 19, 2022 with Dr. Joe DiPonio, Superintendent of Lake Shore Public School

Shorian Testimonial

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Upcoming Events

Summer Food Service Program

Starting next week, Food Distribution continues with our participation in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), a governmental program ensuring that children could continue to receive nutritious meals during long school vacations, when they do not have access to the National School Lunch or School Breakfast Programs. The SFSP, also known as Meet Up and Eat Up, is operated at the local level by program Sponsors and is administered in Michigan by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Health and Nutrition Services.

SFSP Program:

SFSP Menu:

Thanks to our School Lunch Heroes, our men and women who make the cafeterias and the schools a better place to be! For many children, the cafeteria is the first place they enter on a school day. From the first time through the cafeteria line, the lunch hero has more than nutrition on their minds. The well-being of every child is important to them. Keeping them safe, happy while providing them with delicious food is also a priority.

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Districtwide Registered Nurse

Lake Shore Public Schools introduces the addition of a District Wide Registered Nurse. Katie Weidman talks to the community on the role of a District Nurse and how it will benefit LSPS.

Introduction Letter from Ms. Weidman

Lake Shore Public Schools - District Wide Registered Nurse Community Introduction

DIstrictwide Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Lake Shore Public Schools introduces the addition of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Kara Gardner talks to the community on the role of a BCBA and how it will benefit LSPS.
Lake Shore Public Schools - Addition of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst Community Introduction


New Chromebooks were distributed this year to our Kindergarten and 1st-grade students.

New Chromebooks for our new Kindergarten and returning 3rd – 12th grade students have been delivered.

We will collect the old Chromebooks and assign new Chromebooks to these students at the beginning of the new school year.

Chromebook insurance purchased by families for this school year will last until the end of the summer.

Students taking their Chromebooks home should keep them charged.

When not in use, they can put them into storage mode by doing the following:

• Charge the Chromebook to at least 80%.

• While the Chromebook is plugged in, press and hold the refresh key (circular arrow above the 4 key) and power

• While holding those, pull out the power cord

• Once the power cord is out, release the buttons

• Chromebook should then not turn on unless plugged in

If students need assistance with their Chromebooks over the summer, they can have their parents email the helpdesk at

If a Chromebook service is required, the parent would have to bring the device to the admin office.

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99th LSHS Commencement Ceremony

It was graduation day on Saturday, June 4th at Lake Shore High School!

A copy of the program can be found here.

The bagpipe entrance, reflections from speeches, and music from our choir and band performances were truly breathtaking.

Good luck, Class of 2022:

The stack of professional photos from Stewart Fine Portraits can be downloaded for free using this link.

Across our community, what unites all of us is that providing educational excellence to our children is nonnegotiable. Our Shorian Nation recognizes the value of our Lake Shore students, volunteers, administrators, teachers and staff members and the synergy and learning that occur in our district.

Our ability to put together a successful Graduation is tied directly to the behind-the-scenes people who disguise themselves in the shadows, never asking for credit, but instead committed to the idea that #OtherPeopleMatter.

It is administrators like Dr. Bross, Dr. Stevens, and Mr. Puvalowski and staff members who plan, coordinate, and execute rehearsals and speeches, while giving both our community and students direction so they know what to expect and where to be.

It is our audio, video, and drone footage displayed from multiple angles and coordinated by Mrs. Blaszkowski, Robbie Davis, and their team of current students and talented alumni.

It is our contracted professional photographer, Stewart Fine Portraits, who provides a beautiful stack of memories, in picture form, that will soon be framed inside living rooms and crafted into scrapbooks.

It is the signage that is wrapped around the John U'Ren Stadium is absolutely gorgeous thanks to the talent and vision of Conlon Installations.

It is our office staff who put together and distribute programs and serve as the hub of information for both students and families.

It is our Maintenance and Operations team who manages setup and cleanup, parking, and supervision. They are the first to arrive, last to leave, and do it all with a smile.

It is our Food Service team who prepares a breakfast for over 200 staff and students to energize everyone for the day.

It was our bus drivers who drove from school to school on Friday for our Senior Walk tradition. Their care and concern for our graduates since their first ride until their last contributed to their wellbeing of today.

In addition, several staff members assisted other departments with roles not necessarily part of their official role.

Their commitment to the larger group effort makes them both good teammates and citizens. Greater good results from the collective efforts of our stakeholders.

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The Final Senior Walk

Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead. Congratulations Class of 2022 from Lake Shore High School and North Lake High School!

Lake Shore Public Schools has recognized the achievements of our Class of 2022 as they emerge in our society as leaders.

We have attempted to support this class by honoring them with aerial photos of our ‘22 buses, personal lawn signs stationed along 13 Mile, recognition billboard on 696 at 11 Mile Road (heading eastbound), Senior Sunrise breakfast, graduate name displays on our marquee signs at all buildings and on the stadium big screen, social media campaigns, postcard mailings, Senior video and walk, celebratory Honors Ceremony, prom, scholarship recipient announcements, and in-person graduation.

Students were provided with a carnation during their walk to gift to a staff member who they had a special connection with.

In addition, staff, at all levels, have taught invaluable lessons of courage and commitment, reaching out to share care and concern.

Watch this preview of our Senior Class Memory Video:

Purchase a copy of this or our Graduation DVD by submitting this form.

Professional photos from Stewart Fine Portraits will be released after special events. Visit to access all special event photography.

Once a Shorian, always a Shorian!

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LSHS Honors Night

There are 260 Lake Shore High School graduates embarking on the next chapter of their story. The hours of blood, sweat, and tears that you've put into Lake Shore hasn't gone unnoticed.

Graduation is a milestone in anyone's life. It shouldn't matter what grade it is: Kindergarten, middle school, high school, college. It is absolutely important to encourage each other, and never stop learning.

A special shoutout to our Top Ten!

Seniors have left a legacy as 14 have signed their letters-of-intent to play sports at the collegiate level and have won the Shorian Shield while creating an epic Halloween-themed hallway and float. They chose the color purple, the peony flower, and Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield to represent them.

Bonus: Brightest and Best is WXYZ's 43-year tradition recognizing the academic achievements of graduating seniors from high schools across metro Detroit.

They are proud to publicly recognize southeast Michigan high school graduates for their academic excellence.

Congratulations to Lake Shore’s Sarah Showers. You have reached the top of your class:

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MOCI Graduation

We celebrated 3 graduates from our MoCI Special Education program and the Class of 2022.

Teachers Mr. Carney and Mrs. Stafford shared congratulatory remarks while graduates received individual recognition for their achievements. the Pomp and Circumstance processional, Women's Chamber Choir performances, staff and students spoke about their own favorite memories which are illustrated in a slideshow highlighting the year’s achievements.

Superintendent Dr. DiPonio shared his fond memory of his childhood Fonzie Doll. In his words, he encouraged our graduates to live life with a thumbs up attitude.

Principal Dr. Bross officially performed the tassel ceremony, declaring these students graduates of Lake Shore High School, symbolized by the moving of the tassel from right to left.

Students looked beautiful, adorned in their graduation regalia and celebrated this day with staff, friends, and family at Lake Shore High School's Auditorium.

Congratulations DeShawn Blackshear, Nicholas Eckel, and Latariea Hatcher!

Bonus: Our Food Service staff treated our AMAZING helpers, our MoCI kiddos, to an ice cream sundae bar as a THANK YOU for all their help this year! They help stock coolers, silverware and snacks as well as put away stock!

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LSACE HS Completion Success

Celebratory events continue at Lake Shore with a spotlight on Deja and Matthew Robinson.

At North Lake High School’s Senior Luncheon, students were praised for their hard work while they were fed a delicious meal.

In particular, husband and wife duo Deja and Matthew enrolled in our Lake Shore Adult Education High School Completion Program this year. Both have received scholarships, the Clarence Burns for Deja and the Lac Ste. Claire Kiwanis Scholarship for Matthew, and both began furthering their education at Macomb Community College in May.

Deja's drive for her diploma began when applied for work in a mental health facility, something she is passionate about. She had the work ethic and compassionate personality, but what she needed was her diploma.

This is was prompted her to search for a local, affordable completion program. She found Lake Shore, asked her husband to pursue it as well, and the rest is history.

Deja and Matthew successfully completed a cumulative total of 24 classes in less than a year. "We don't have an option to not finish," she told him.

And the icing on the cake? That mental health facility made an exception to their rule and allowed Deja to be employed while working toward her diploma. That decision helped her to fall in love with health care and pursue a degree in nursing. Her husband will be taking classes toward a criminal justice degree.

"As long as you're breathing, education should be a priority," she said. Deja is proof that anything's possible.

They shared their story, in-person, at North Lake High School's Commencement Ceremony.

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NLHS and LSACE Graduations

North Lake High School’s Class of 2022 and Lake Shore Adult & Community Education High School Completion Program celebrated their graduation with their families! Many smiles and tears of joy were exchanged!

This sign is an announcement to the entire community that a graduate lives here. It means this Senior has earned at least 20 credits at North Lake High School and has successfully completed 13 years of school. It is a symbol for the late night study sessions, athletic competitions, and/or bonds with forever friends. More importantly, it is a statement that the child has Lake Shore blood.

Congratulations Barracudas!

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Kennedy Middle School Awards Ceremony

At our Kennedy Middle School Celebrations, several standouts will be recognized with Clipper Awards, the John Hills Award for Determination, Most Outstanding Student, NJHS participant, Honor Roll, WEB Leader, ECO Club Recycler, Etiquette Award, and individual course awards.

We celebrated our 6th grade students at their Awards Ceremony! Start Strong is exactly what they did.

The transition to Kennedy Middle School from Masonic Heights Elementary, Rodgers Elementary, Violet Elementary, or another elementary school may feel overwhelming. New school. New schedule. New friends. Over time, those 3 middle school years transform from anxiety to excitement. It is the atmosphere at this special school where students learn to adapt, develop skills of independence and responsibility, and prepare for new opportunities.

Thank you, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Baalaer, for your leadership, kindness, and extraordinary patience as you helped these students face a number of academic and social challenges. Middle school is difficult to navigate in a typical year, but when kids are forming their identities during the pandemic, it would have been even more disruptive if it weren't for the friendly demeanors and understanding mindset of their principals and Clipper staff.

Bonus: Our 8th graders had a party of their own on stage at their Awards Ceremony!

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5th Grade Celebrations

At our 5th Grade Celebrations, we celebrate students' citizenship, creativity, academics and attendance. Our Masonic Heights Elementary, Rodgers Elementary, Violet Elementary students were called to the stage to receive their certificates and a proper send off.

We recognized the special programs that were offered at each building and the students who led them. Awards may have included Presidential Excellence, Safety Patrol, Community Helper, Student Council, Choir, Science Olympiad, Positivity Project, Specials, and Principal's Choice. In addition, several students received handwritten notes and custom shirts!

There is nothing that they can't do except stay in elementary school forever. It is time to move on to middle school and continue to demonstrate your strong work ethic and commitment to serving others.

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Kindergarten Celebrations

We celebrated our students’ early milestones at our Kindergarten celebrations. Staff cheered, danced, and waved at Class of 2034 with admiration. Don’t blink. These imaginative, carefree souls will soon walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma; In fact, we recognized our Class of 2022 with graduate name displays on our marquee signs at all buildings!

We have watched you learn and grow, changing from day to day. We are excited to see your progression as you continue to move forward. Congratulations to the Class of 2034! Keep dreaming about becoming a real life superhero or princess and conquering this world with your mighty lego creations.

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Preschool Graduations

We celebrated the Preschool Graduations of Aiden Fergusson, Annabelle Roper, Bristol Biondo, Charlotte Brewer, Charlotte Janick, Charlotte Miller, Jayde Estes, Jase Wells, Kruze Dixon, Lily Pomerson, Eddie Filer, Lukas Seiberling, Leo Mihalj, and Olivia Barranca at the Lake Shore Early Childhood Center with singing and dancing. For the next 13 years, we hope your child is part of our school system where he or she will be encouraged to discover their dreams and push to achieve those goals.

To view our slideshow, filled with memories that were captured by photographs and shared last Friday, visit this link.

In addition, the Lake Shore Early Childhood Center proudly hosted a Trike-A-Thon, raising money for the Center.

Let Your Child's Career with Lake Shore Begin with Us is the slogan we like to use as we welcome families to our childcare facility.

Upon entry, visitors feel connected to Lake Shore Public Schools and Saint Clair Shores because of the nautical themes in both the soft shades of blue color scheme, artifacts such as a piece of drift wood found in Whitefish Pointe, and thematic room names. This reflects the local city lifestyle and honors the schools inside Shorian Nation.

For example, the room names are as follows:

Infant room: Mini Clippers

Transition/Young Toddler room: Shorianettes

Toddler room: Maritime Mates

3-year-old Preschool room: Saint Clair Skippers

4-year-old Preschool room: Junior Mariners

In addition, we have partnered with BrightWheel, a software company that makes daily recording keeping for childcare centers quick and easy, to bring our record keeping up into the 21st century. Most importantly, we are implementing High Scope curriculum, which includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language, to improve the quality of instruction.

Contact our Early Childcare Coordinator Kelly Biondo at or (586) 285-8570 to enroll or by visiting

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Mother-Son/Reading Celebration Event

Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world,” said Babe Ruth. Time together as family may have been the only thing greater. So when we decided to create an event that put baseball and family together, magic resulted.

See for yourself in this video clip.

Thank you to our Lake Shore families for your participation in our Mother-Son Baseball Game, in collaboration with our elementary reading celebration, held at USPBL’s Jimmy John’s Field. Parents took their children out to the ballgame to witness the Eastside Diamond Hoppers play the Westside Woolly Mammoths.

Although the game win for the Mammoths was a memorable experience, we were happy to see students being social with classmates and friends while moms connected with their own sons and Shorian pals.

Fourth grader Jaxson Pokrefky is on the 10u Bulldogs travel time. He finally got his cast off after injury and was looking forward to celebrating at this event. He screamed, "It was the best night ever!"

Families were able to enjoy some delicious ballpark food, participate in player signings, burn off energy in the playground, take a selfie with the mascots, run the bases, and admire the nighttime fireworks.

Lake Shore Parent Erin Rosario and her son Jayden observed an act of kindness that we are also excited to highlight. She wrote, "Ayden Pallitto, 4th grader in Mrs. Leppen's class, was sitting next to us. A few rows ahead a girl's balloon popped and she was visibly upset. Ayden gave his balloon to her! Such a simple, but generous act! Thanks for a great night! " This is an example of our Positivity Project in action.

It was a homerun! Nothing beats being surrounded by favorite family and friends, cheering on a baseball team at the ballpark!

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Special Olympics Field Day

Creating something is all about problem solving. Lake Shore Public Schools is committed to inclusion and demonstrated that through their own Special Olympics Field Day.

In light of Macomb County's Special Olympics cancellations over the past two years, our students' special tradition was removed. But this barrier wouldn't stop caring volunteers, coaches, family members and staff to create a scaled-down version of their own.

Athletes develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy while participating in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship among their families, athletes and the community. We saw that today as our baseball, cheer, and football teams facilitated activities and supported their peers. The stations can be found here.

Inclusion is important because it develops a sense of belonging. It is the philosophy of acceptance and being valued. This is an important part of Shorian culture.

Special Olympics Michigan provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Thank you to our Special Education Department for organizing the event, Food Service for the delicious BBQ lunch, Maintenance and Operations team, School Nurse, families, student athletes, and student participants!

Lake Shore Public Schools Incusive Special Olympics 2022

Elementary Field Day

Class of 2035

We continue to celebrate our next batch of Kindergartners from the Class of 2035. Parents, thank you for your lawn sign submissions!

Over 150 Class of 2035 students were given a warm welcome at our 2022 Kindergarten Roundup event. Future Tigers, Rockets, and All-Stars enjoyed the readiness activities, bus tours, cold treats, and commitment signings while parents felt supported by welcoming staff members and current student leaders.

All kids are truly the best part of our schools and we were excited to provide these educational experiences while learning how to prepare for this exciting first year of school.

LSPS offers students full-day comprehensive instruction in core academic areas of English Language Arts, reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Students also receive instruction from specialized teachers from technology, art, music, and physical education.

Please email with any questions. Enroll as a new resident or new schools of choice student by using this link:

Bonus: Our newest Kindergarteners were in the process of screenings for the upcoming year. This entails assessing upper and lower case letters, retelling stories, and other basic concepts!


Lake Shore High School Athletes Cameo Comments

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Lake Shore Public Schools will provide an exceptional education for all 3,327 students in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our guiding principles, Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration, are woven into the fabric of everything we do and will be the focus of every update. Expect an eNews email biweekly update as a reliable way to communicate with our stakeholders.

Lake Shore Public Schools - Do You Have What It Takes To Lead?