Be on the look out for symptoms of cholera or any sickness

Dear town of Trophy club

A disease called cholera is rolling rampant through the lands and is already infecting people in our town. Please read the rest of this service announcement to know how to determine whether a loved one has cholera and how to cure it.


Cholera can be obtained in unsanitary places in water and food. stay away from dirty water or any food that looks old or nasty. Stay out of the more poor areas of town to keep from contacting the disease.


Severe dehydration, diarrhea, and vomiting. If anyone you know has these symptoms please report it to a official and stay away from the infected.


If you get cholera or are experiencing any of these symptoms please eat and drink to clear the disease out of your system, If you think you are infected please see a doctor.


-very fatal

-easy to get

-causes dehydration/diarrhea

-move out of populated areas

-wash hands

-you could be next

-act fast