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Free mobile marketing for your dealership! Interested?

Hello there!

You have been contacted because we would love to offer you our free service of mobile marketing for your dealership. We are a Canadian company that is empowering dealerships and giving them the opportunity to connect with interested buyers. This opportunity will always give you leads.

Our service is free to set up!

"How does it work?"

gosell.mobi offers a service that allows any car dealership to set up an inventory of all their new or used cars on their lot and have an assigned "text code" for each vehicle.

Once the text codes are generated, any user can text that code to the number 33344 on their mobile device and receive the full information of that vehicle instantly.

The interested buyer receives the information that they need, and the dealership receives the phone number of the interested buyer.

From there, a casual text message or phone call can be sent from the dealership to the interested buyer offering any answers to their questions or offer a test drive.

If there is a sale that is happening the following week, a text message can be sent to the interested buyer updating them that the vehicle they had their eyes set on has now been reduced by $xxx. ( just as an example )

"So where can I use these text codes?"

You can use our codes anywhere and everywhere!

Use them for your newspaper campaigns, flyers, online, telephone poles, community message boards, email campaigns, etc etc. The possibilities are endless!

These codes are not limited to smart phones. This is entirely based via text messaging so any and every phone can use our service.

*This is not a "QR" code service

Below is an example of a local dealership that is using our service for their newspaper campaigns every week!

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Dealerships connecting with interested buyers. Simple. Easy.

"So is it really free to set up?"

Yes! To have your entire car inventory set up and connected with our service, it is entirely free! The only time that you will pay is if a lead comes in!

We charge a standard fee of $10.00 per lead. If there are no leads that come in, there is nothing charged to you! Zip! Nada! Zilch!

Set your marketing budget mind at ease!

No leads = no charge

"So how do I sign up?"

All you have to do contact us and let us know your interested and we can get you started!

How to get in touch with us.

If you would love to get yourself set up and use our service to generate leads, feel free to contact us!