Kevin Koivu


Current is the continuous flow of energy.
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Resistance is the difficulty an electric current experiences as it tries to pass through a semi-conductor. To the right is a picture of eight resistors, which are units placed on motherboards of computers to limit the amount of energy flowing through.


A circuit is usually a battery with wiring made of a conductor which connects it to an object that requires electricity and separate wiring that leads back to the other end of the battery, as seen below.

Comparing and Contrasting statements

Current and Circuit might get confused. (I got them confused) What sets them apart is that Current is what flows through the Circuit.

Resistance is a part of both the Current and Circuit affecting both of them by being a part of the circuit, and limiting how much energy is in the current after the resistor.

Examples of the Vocab Terms

Current is just referred to as 'Power' in my household

Resistance can be a resistor,

and power strips can be a circuit