The Road to Perseverance

By: Hailey Lopez

Personal Definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is when people keep going or keep trying their best even when times are rough.

Compare and contrast between Nadja and Jackie

Jackie was an African American baseball player that was not accepted into the white major league team at first. Nadja was a violinist that thought she wasn't good enough for what and how she was playing.

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Eleanor Roosevelt (Description)

Eleanor was born on October 11, 1884. Ever since she was born she basically attached herself to her dad with the bond they had. But her mom thought of her as an adversity. Her mom often called Eleanor "Granny" because of her boring colors. Her mom also called her ugly and always told her she wanted a boy instead of her. Eleanor was also treated badly at school because of the raggedy clothes she wore. Then she was sent of two boarding school. This helped her because she was more social and active. She wasn't known as the ugly one .She then tried out for field hockey. For once in her life she felt like she actually had a family. Later in her life she then got married to Franklin Roosevelt. Who then became the president.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Jackie was an African American baseball player. Also because he was African American playing in a white baseball league. This led him to be ridiculed for his adversity in his skin color. The pitchers also aimed for his head while throwing instead of the bat. This also led to people booing at him as he played. They also wouldn't let him stay at the hotel the other white players were staying at. Along with the hotel the other people made him sit in the back of the bus when they drove to games. Even though all of this happened he never yielded to people that didn't like him. He broke the color barrier between white and black team because back in the day African Americans were not allowed to play with white people. His braveness caused other people to stand up for their skin color.

The First Lady to the World (Sequence)

Eleanor went through many adversities to get where she got to. First, ever since she was born Eleanor was insecure and shy.She was also called ugly and a granny. Then she became overwhelmed when she worked for her husband. Then she had to go through the pain of her husband passing away. After that she started to read to kids.She also became less shy and more social. She then helped with drafting The Human Rights.She also helped out injured solders. She accomplished a lot after her adversities.

The Sandy Road (Problem/Solution)

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The Orphan train

The orphan train was a train that transported orphans to spots where people could "adopt" them and take care of them. Some of them were loved and some were abused and most were used to just work. A lot of the kids had to persevere through the pain.
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Lessons Learned

Lessons people could learn from this is overcoming their activities can be easy to overcome if you try hard enough. The people in these stories all conquered their adversities with perseverance. They just ignored all the people that doubted them and the people that weighed them down.