Caring for a baby Lessons

Join our club every sunday at 2:00-5:00

Join the baby caring club

This is a great club for young women or older women who having a baby and wondering how to take care of their young one. You will have a counselor to guide you through the process of the class.

Every Sunday at 2:00 at Center street (boys and girls club)

The boys and girls club is a nice place to have this club because its like a small school. It haves a gym where we would be practicing how to comfort your baby. Its also a room where we would go to instruct you on steps how to change a diaper and things in that nature.

Some of our Counselors

Guarented to be fun and helpful

A little bit more about our club

This class will be very helpful for you, your baby and your mate. Any questions that you have will be answered in our club. We promise you that you will leave satisfied. You will enjoy yourself, we will also give you some supplies on your way leaving out. Such as pampers, bottles, body wash and more.