John Calvin

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Personal History

  • Born on July 10, 1509
  • 3 siblings
  • He's from France
  • Died May 27, 1564 in Switzerland

Intresting Facts

  • Excelled in Latin and philosophy
  • Prepared to go study theology in Paris but his father decided he should become a lawyer
  • Spend half a decade studying law at Orleans
  • Intendedly had no interest in becoming a pastor
  • He was a step father but had no surviving children except his own son

Why he's famous

  • Author of the most famous theological book ever published called "Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion"
  • Believed that people were sinful by nature
  • He also believed in predestination and theocracy

Impact on reformation

  • Started an important protestant reform movement known as Calvinism
  • He remains widely credited of the most important figure in the second generation of the protestant reformation