I'm Catalina

My Family

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My father is Hispanic and my mother is American. One of my brothers is a freshman in band and the other just started Pre-K. My sister is in 2nd grade.

My Hobby

I don't really have a technical "hobby." I like watching movies.. I guess it could be my hobby. I'm the type of person who would enjoy staying at home and watch movies instead of going out. My favorite movies are Transformers, 16 Candles, and Despicable Me. I also like to bake and decorate cakes. The picture below is the first cake I decorated about 2 years ago.

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal would have to be a jaguar. Although they are the smallest of jungle felines, they're flexible and intelligent.

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory would have to be when my brothers and sister were born. It's kinda sappy, but they've helped shape me into who I am today.