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Week of April 20, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Can you believe we have less than 40 days of school left? Well 2MU has been working hard to make every minute count! Read on to get a glimpse of the 'growing' and learning we experienced this week!


  • We read the story The Goat in the Rug focusing on story details to draw conclusions.
  • During Daily 5 this week, the students had the opportunity to use the iPads to work on Lexia Learning~ Core 5.
  • To build our vocabulary and dictionary skills, we learned about entry words that have multiple meanings. We read sentences and then, using context clues, determined which definition matched the word.
  • To reinforce our phonics skills with the suffixes -ly and -ful, we used Smart Board interactive lessons to play word-building and phonics games.


  • During Writer's Workshop, we began our next bend in Opinion Writing. In this bend, the children get to pick their favorite book and write an opinion letter about why their book deserves an award. What award might you ask? Well, that is part of the fun! Each child gets to create their own award to nominate their book to win. As part of our lessons this week, the children selected their nomination books and then, created their own award. Some of the awards are: "Funniest Character," "Best Pictures," " The Bravest Character," "The Silliest Character," "Best Book in a Series," as well as many many more creative and interesting awards.
  • Our next step as writers is to write an opinion letter to convince judges of why their book should win the award nominated for...stay tuned for some very persuasive opinion letters.
  • You may be wondering who the "judges" will be...2MU would like to keep you wondering for a bit...good writers leave their readers wondering and wanting to read more....


  • We completed Unit 9 on Measurement and began Unit 10 on Decimals and Place Value.
  • As mathematicians, we will learn more about money as well as the value a digit holds depending on its place in a number.
  • We made fraction Sundaes. Each child listed 3 of their favorite flavors of ice cream. Then they determined how many scoops of each flavor they would like on their sundae. Finally, they built their sundae and wrote in their sundae boat the fraction represented by each flavor. We will display their sundaes in our classroom for all to see!


  • As scientists, we observed clay, humus, and sand. We determined ways to describe how they look, smell, feel, and sound. We will conduct a few experiments with these soils in the next few science lessons.
  • We visited the Science Lab to check on our Compost Bags...our worms are working hard to make our soil rich!

Other Activities

  • Thursday was "Take Your Child to Work Day!" We enjoyed learning from each other the different types of careers each child had the opportunity to experience during that day.
  • Since we had 8 students present in the morning and 7 in the afternoon on "Take Your Child to Work Day," I told the children they would be 'my children' to take to work for the day. We had so much fun playing educational games, reading some fun books, and using the iPads. Some of our highlights from the day included: playing Kahoot (each child had the chance to use their own iPad to play the game~normally they play in small groups). We read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and learned to 'be careful what you wish for.' We invited 2M into our classroom for math centers and we played Math Games with them. We visited the computer lab to play computer games. We also watched an Earth Day video. We even got to do an "Earth Day" workout. Be sure to see the workout photos below!
  • On Friday, with the help of our Star Student, Michael Mc Cool and the Mc Cool family, we were able to plant the marigold seeds we picked in the Fall. Thanks to the Mc Cool family, the children planted seeds to grow and replant at home. We also planted additional seeds which we will replant in the school garden once they sprout. Until then, we will enjoy watching them sprout and grow in our classroom.

Observing Sand, Clay, and Humus

Discovery Education "Workout" for Earth Day!

Planting Marigold Seeds

Making "Fraction" Sundaes

Star Student of the Week~

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