Natalie Huston

5 Interesting Facts About Athens

  • It was the birth-place of democracy.
  • Athens is name after the goddess of wisdom, Athena.
  • It was the largest city in Greece.
  • The first Olympic games were held there in 776 B.C.!
  • Plato created the first college in Athens.


  • Worship gods/goddesses such as Athena, Zeus, and Posiden
  • Can pick what deities they wanted to worship.


  • Boys- went to school at the age of 7. They were taught music, physical training and reading/writing.
  • Girls- didn't attend school.
  • Cost money to go to school, so only wealthy people could afford it.

Daily Life/Language/Government

  • Government- Democracy
  • Language- Greek
  • Children lived with their mothers in the woman's quarter.
  • Pets- dogs, ducks, quails, goats, and birds.
  • Toys- balls, rattles, yo-yos, rocking horses, and dolls.

Important Buildings

  • The Parthenon of Athens- used as a place of worship.
  • Polis- an ancient Greek city-state.
  • Agora- political center in ancient Greece.


  • The Persian War- Athens vs. Persia, fought between the cliff and the Thermopylae Sea, and Persia won the war.
  • The Peloponnesian War- Sparta vs. Athens, fought because each wanted to be the most powerful city-state, and Sparta won the war.
  • Battle of Salamis- Alliance of Greek city-states vs. Persian Empire, Greek army won the battle.