It's here! The 3-n-1 pocket knife!

A knife, a lighter, and for protection, a stun gun!

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Have you ever heard from people obiter dictums like "pocket knifes are too much of a hassle, and "the tools aren't useful. Well I can tell you whole-heartedly that at knife revolution we have ratiocination of an upheaval of the old knife design has been our first priority. And that is why today we give you the 3-n-1 knife(aka the knightser) That's right this knife supersedes any pocket knife you've previously seen. The mutatis mutandis we have made to the pocket knife is raising the bar. Customers have complained from other product designs that even the knife its self is dull and "inanimate". We have gone down to the basics to make sure the knife itself is authentic. So say if you go on a big hunting trip and run out of ammo. Well with the knighser you can kill game as big as a deer(if you can get close enough to kill it of course). And then say you can't find your way home, well you can light a fire and fend off bears! You can choose from a wide range of different types of knives, stun guns, and lighters or you can even bring in your own and we'll combine it into a knightser for you!

Stun gun vs. taser

The difference between them is that A stun gun is an electrical device that has probes or prongs attached to the device. When the stun gun safety is in place after depressing the button, you will see an electrical shock that arcs to connect the probes. A taser is an electrical device that shoots an electrically charged projectile at the target. Depending on the model of taser you choose, there will be either 1 or several projectiles that shoot toward the target. You can think of a taser as a mini electrical spear gun.

These are a few of the configurations