8-2 Pioneers

End of the year!!

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of 8th grade, and middle school. There are many year-end activities that Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Bonin want to make sure you are aware of, so you can help your student be ready for the mad dash at the end!

EOG’s are Coming!

EOGs will be administered Monday, June 19 through Friday, June 23rd. Tests start promptly at 8:15. Your child should NOT be late to school on any of these days. If they are late, they will not be administered the test that day (nor allowed into the classroom until the test is completed), they will instead need to take that particular test on a make-up day. For those students taking the CCM1 EOC, this is state mandated final exam, and counts as 20% of their final grade.

Students should be well rested, and fed a nutritional breakfast. Students will be invited to eat a snack (from home) after the test, but snacks are not allowed during the tests.

Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Bonin have been asking that students take these tests seriously, and do their best!! This is easier to accomplish if they aren’t hungry or tired.

A Pioneer Picnic

Monday, June 26th – Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Bonin are hosting an 8-2 Pioneer Picnic at 1:00 pm outside on the Salem Middle School grounds. We would like to offer pizza and drinks to the students (we will offer cheese and pepperoni, probably Papa John’s; drinks can be water, soda, gatorade). After they eat, the students will be signing yearbooks and each other’s 8th grade t-shirts, playing games, and generally hanging out until dismissal.

We need your help! Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Bonin have the funds to pay for pizza and drinks, but we are hoping to have parents pick up the pizza for us, help set up for the pizza and set up some yard games, and stick around and help us clean up. Please let us know if you can help!

8th grade Graduation

Friday, June 30th, at 8:45, we will be celebrating 8th grade graduation with a formal ceremony at Salem Middle School. Students will march at the ceremony, and their names will be called as they receive Middle School diplomas. This is an important moment in your student’s life, they worked very hard to graduate, so we hope you can join us for the ceremony! The ceremony is expected to last until late morning, perfect timing to take your student out for a celebratory lunch! Students are excused after the ceremony, it is a perfect time to take them out for a celebratory lunch or picnic.

Students are expected to dress nicely for the ceremony. No shorts or flip flops, and normal Wake County dress code rules apply.