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Volume 2, Number 5: August 19, 2020

Thoughts from the Principal . . . .

Good Evening! The information below is an update of the information of our Corner Middle School plan for re-opening school for 2020-2021. I realize you will have dozens of questions that stem from the initial release of the information, but I promise you, the faculty and staff at our school has worked incredibly hard to make sure we have a great opening of school, albeit remotely!

I am SO PROUD of your faculty and staff at Corner Middle School! They have spent days in preparation for this remote opening. We believe our plan is a solid one, and that your students will be successful in this setting!

I ask that you be mindful in the first days of the re-opening that patience, flexibility, and a positive attitude will be key to your student's success. In the last Weekly Buzz, I also asked that you start thinking about how you would organize at home to make sure your student finds success. I know that positive things are ahead for our educators, students, and family.

Are you dreading the opening of school? Nervous? Cautiously optimistic? I encourage you to be EXCITED! While we recognize that there will be hiccups in the new format, we will not quit in trying to reach our kids and assist you in solving problems that might interfere with their success. Please remember that there are things that are sometimes out of our control (bandwidth, storm clouds interfering with satellite internet, Johnny spilling Dr. Pepper on his Chromebook, etc.). I do, however, commit to you that we will be available to assist whenever possible. A positive attitude from everyone will go a long way into making this nine-week remote learning period successful!

Please review the information below carefully. We have taken comments from your previous survey into account in designing this plan for all. Feel free to email me at with questions regarding the plan, ask on social media, or call me at the school. There will be more updates coming to you on Sunday. I look forward to seeing our kids personally and/or remotely in the days ahead! Have a great evening!

Michael Manning


Corner Middle School

Registration Update for the 2020-2021


Registration for the 2020-2021 school year continues at Corner Middle School. The families of every student who plans to attend Corner Middle School MUST COMPLETE the online registration. This is not the year to wait until the last minute.

As of today, there are 489 students enrolled for the new year at CMS. The families of 407 of those students have submitted their online registration. While a few of those families are still missing uploaded documents for proofs of residency, they are all but complete. We still have a number of families who have either started and not submitted (24 students) or not started at all (58 students).

CMS Families, we need your assistance to help us plan for instruction that will begin in 16 days. Each family (other than those with newly enrolled students) should have received online registration instructions with an individualized "snap code" in the mail that would allow you to register your students. PLEASE, help us by doing this as soon as possible. It will make it terribly challenging for us to schedule and your teachers to plan, if we do not have students enrolled prior to the start of the year on September 1st.

We appreciate so many of you taking care of the registration process last week. Thank you for helping us get this completed!

Updates from Dr. Gonsoulin and Jefcoed on the Re-Opening of Jefferson County Schools

Please take a moment (if you have not already) to view the videos from Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, as well as the video from our Department of Exceptional Education and 504. Also, please take a moment to look at the handout from our district on the Re-Opening of Jefferson County Schools.

Message from Dr. Gonsoulin

Message from Exceptional Education and 504

Jefcoed Road Map to Re-Opening Schools Update

CMS Remote Learning Plan (Daily Learning Schedules)

Jefferson County middle schools met last week to agree upon a basic framework for a remote learning schedule. In order to maximize learning, meet state standards and time frames, and accomplish many of the goals we have as a school, we have crafted the framework recommended by the district for our school. Let me be clear. It has been designed so that transition back to face-to-face instruction on the school campus with go smoothly.

Students have to be in school. They have to be in class. I will address attendance in a later section. Our period schedule and daily schedules are below.

Big picture
Big picture
All students will participate in the remote learning period following their regular schedule (so that when they return, they will not have to re-learn procedures). In the remote learning period, students will not begin instruction until 9:00. The online instructional period will be 35 minutes long. Where you see the word SYNCHRONOUS, students will be online, face-to-face with their regularly assigned teacher in their regularly assigned class.

On Mondays, we felt like all teachers needed to see and check in with each student. You will notice that on Tuesdays through Fridays, we alternate ODD PERIOD DAYS and EVEN PERIOD DAYS. Your child will only be online for ODD or EVEN periods on those days with ASSIGNMENTS to complete for the class. Additionally in this time, general and exceptional education teachers may ask individual or small groups of students to come back online for intervention or acceleration.

Please feel free to email any member of the staff for additional explanation, ask questions in the comments, or call the school for clarification.

CMS Remote Learning Plan (Devices, Textbooks, Band Instruments)

The Jefferson County Board of Education sent out a digital device survey to all families. In order to be eligible to check out a school-owned device, you must complete the survey sent out by the district ASAP The link to that survey is:

In next Sunday's Weekly Buzz, we will share the final distribution schedule for devices, textbooks /workbooks, and band instruments. The distribution dates are Wednesday, August 26 - Friday, August 28. We will distribute by LAST NAME so that families do not have to make more than one trip to the school. A parent or guardian must come with the student to receive materials. Signatures will be required by both persons in different areas. All persons coming to the school must wear a mask and social distancing is required.

CMS Remote Learning Plan (Student Schedules)

We had planned to re-open the home portal for families today, however, we received information from the district today that student emails and passwords would be changing before Friday. In speaking to I.T. at the district, we were told this change may impact their username for login to the home portal.

Instead of issuing that information today, we will provide the new username, home portal login, email, and password next week at distribution days (if not sooner). I realize that many folks want to "see their student's schedule." It's very easy. Every student will be taking math, science, social studies, and English (reading, for fifth grade, too.). Along with PE (which is required through the 8th grade), your student will have one or two electives depending upon their grade level. If you are wanting to prepare them for their daily schedule, prepare them for the five required classes. As far as electives, we always try to give students one of their top two choices, but as we said in the spring, there are no guarantees. We will share more information on the release of this information as we receive it from the district.


If your child is not already participating in football, cheerleading, or volleyball, please complete the survey below for us so that we can get you information in the first week of school from the coaches or sponsors of these teams, clubs, or organizations. Click on the following link:


The Jefferson County Board of Education is committed to assuring that students who need breakfast and lunch are fed. To that end, a plan has been devised to offer breakfast and lunch for pick-up and delivery at centralized locations. School buses will be utilized to pick up food and deliver them to a central stop where families can go to pick up food for their children. In addition, the high school in each feeder pattern will serve as a curbside pick-up location for families.

Remote Bus Deliveries

11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

(Bus drivers will pick up meals from all school locations between 10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.)

Car line Pick Up (High School Locations Only.)

11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

More information on the CNP plan for families will be in next Sunday's Weekly Buzz.

In the world of COVID-19, I would encourage any family to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch form. The link to complete it online is below.


We want our kids at school each day. While we cannot have them here on campus with us, we still want to see them in the remote learning system. We need your help in assuring they are there. Attendance will be checked by the teachers at CMS using the following methods in EACH SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING PERIOD:

1. Visual or Auditory Acknowledgement

2. Completion of Entry Task and/or Exit Slip to Assess Learning

3. Completion of Class Assignment

4. Participation in Breakout Room Activities, Intervention, or Acceleration Opportunities

We will work with students who have to miss class due to illness or other specified reasons, but we ask that you submit excuses electronically to our registrar, Lindy Hallmark, at Again, our goal is to effectively transition everyone smoothly back to face-to-face instruction as soon as possible. This is what will be required when students return to school. Thank you for your assistance in having your child in class each day!

2019-2020 Yearbook Distribution

If you purchased a 2019-2020 yearbook for your student, they will be available for pickup August 26-August 28 when we distribute digital devices, textbooks/workbooks, planners, and band instruments. Stop at the Yearbook table to sign for your book. There will be a limited number of extra books on sale for $45.00 in case you did not purchase a copy.

We will communicate a distribution time for those current freshmen at Corner High School next week to pick up their books. Thank you!

Revised 2020-2021 School Year Calendar

Big picture

2020-2021 Grade Reporting Calendar

Big picture

Enrollment Information for Students Who Are New to Jefferson County or Corner Middle School

Enrollment is now open for students who are moving into the Corner Middle School zone and are new to Jefferson County. This is NOT for students who are coming from the fourth to fifth grade from Bagley Elementary. Your student is already enrolled in Jefferson County.

Families who are new to the area should review the document attached below first, and then click on the link provided to begin the process. If you have any questions, please call us here at the school so that we may assist you. Welcome to Corner Middle School!!!

Big picture

Registration Information for Students Returning to Corner Middle School

For students who are already enrolled in Jefferson County at Corner Middle School or were promoted from the fourth to fifth grade from Bagley Elementary, you must complete online registration again this summer in Power School. Please review the information in the graphic/attachment below. If you have any questions, please contact us here at the school so that we may assist you! We hope you are having a great summer!!!
Big picture

Quote of the Week . . .

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

--Henry Ford (American Inventor)--

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