White Oak River Basin

By: Anelise Harris & Kamyrn Grooms



White Oak river basin is located on the central coast of North Carolina, big part of it is in Wilmington. The headwaters are in White Oak Pocosin, Hoffman State and in Hoffman forest. The White Oak river basin is 1,382 square miles long. White Oak has 3 paths to take to get to the mouth, one is Bear Island in Hammocks Beach State Park, Bogue Bank, and Emerald Isle. Which all lead to the mouth; along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.



There are 320 miles of river and streams in White Oak River Basin.

There are 280,101 people for the population in White Oak River Basin.


Well Known Places

  • Jacksonville

  • Wilmington

  • Beaufort

  • Newport

  • Morehead City


Nonpoint Source Pollution

Two specific nonpoint source pollution areas in White Oak River Basin is runoff from urban areas and fertilzers lands. We can solve this by decreasing the amount of water getting cut off and getting infected by the toxins and increasing the amount of water to going through by using less fertilizers creating toxins in our water.


Point Source Pollution

Two specific point solution pollution spots in White Oak River Basin are industrial discharges and buffers of trees and shrubs along the edges waterfront property. We can solve this issue by disposing yard waste properly and monitoring and regulating the spots from the waste disposal. Also reduce filtering and converting pollutants.


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