By: Nathan Hamilton


The banana-man will be beneficial for the capital to use during the game because it can not be stopped.


My mutation is the deadly Banana Spider and the dead Tributes. The Banana-man looks like the tribute but has fangs of the spider and the legs of a spider, its about 6-13 feet tall depending on the tributes height. The banana-man will serve you the best in this game if there are people hiding in the trees or in the ground like a cave or something. plus the remaining tributes will be scared out of there minds when they see such a crazy creature that capital possesses. It has a weakness it can’t swim and the only way to kill the creature is to stab it in the head.

The Spider Behind The Man

The banana-spider, aka the Brazilian wandering spider, is the most poisonous spider. According to the Guinness book of world records, only 0.006 mg of the spiders venom could kill a mouse. Just imagine what it could do to a tribute

Theirs Nothing Like Us

The quality that humans posses is like no other creature on earth. Its strength and speed can be pushed to the limits. If trained correctly, it can adapt like no other creature. Plus the sizes and its intelligence gives it the upper hand on most animals.