Fit's Project


There is a man name Obama

He starting to look like yo mama

He never really understood America

Instead he was always messing with Erica

So he ended up with Aids

And turned around and he got played

He claimed to find Oil

but instead he found a oil spoil

4 years later we see this man again

The same old man that was messing with Gen

The citizens hoped he resigned

but yet he just resign

The law of gay

But when he get to heaven he will have to pay

He tried to help the poor

but yet he made them suffer more

They say they took down Osama

But yet that's just Obama

Just talking to get attention

But yet did he mention

He love seeing change

and still he's deranged

Obama Story

We today are going to make a change. America you can now go into any of the bathrooms you want. Men you can go in the Women's. Women you can go in the man. Its okay to be gay. As of today we will not let Osama and his people overtake us. We will be number one in the nation. We come today to make a change. It is okay for our soldiers to go fight overseas as long as they die over oil. Am I really from America? Am I really for the poor? Am I really here to help you people change? These are questions asked all around. But I Obama will not tolerate these question that's going around in your heads.

I will be the one, the only one to show you guy's the United States what I am all about. Do it look like I care about you guys no not really. As Long as I'm in office that's all that matters. Lets get ourselves together America. For we are a family. Well will be united and make this change for America work. I will help build to make sure our brothers and sister have what they need. To make sure that one man that just cant seem to find his way around. That just cant seem to sleep at night. Who just cant seem to find warmth to lay his head. It will be changed.

To my people of America Lets ride up to the standards. Lets get our teens in school. We had enough drop outs in the last generation. We can make a change. If we a one nation just get out of our selfish ways we can make it happen. For me being African American I know how it feels to be down. My family was never rich I never got to experience walking around in the new shoes. Or being able to stay in a big house. But handwork pays off. Now that I am in office I can help the one's that don't have it all together. Help the one's who need that extra push.

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