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On April 26, 2016, Tiffany Carey, Academic Intervention Specialist from Texas served as our guest moderator. Topic: Exemplary Practices#11 (School Counseling).

Q1: Why is school counseling/having a school counselor important in #alted?

A1: Students need to know they can go to the counselors for help.

A1: Students and teachers are used as a resource. Good counselors are culture changers and builders.

A1: Students arrive with skill deficits and the collaboration with others addresses needs.

A1: To provide support and guidance not only for students but staff. They help staff understand (the students).

Q2: What resources can you share regarding school counseling?

A2: Students and teachers nominate peer leaders to organize activities to promote healthy relationships and positive school culture.

A2: We are adding mental health counselors.

A2: Small staff means teachers are 'counselors'. We have friendly academic competitions to help develop sense of belonging and unity.

A2: Every staff member is an essential part of the support system!

Q3: What have you done/do you plan to do to improve or implement school counseling?

A3: Great idea: Local therapist's office may have staff pursuing license to lead groups of alternate education students.

A3: Club days on Fridays sponsored by teachers. Helps build positive relationships and attendance.

A3: From celebrating small victories of success to helping other teachers find innovative alternative strategies.

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