cheerleading moves

There are 4 moves in cheerleading backflip-A backflip is when you put your arms on your back on the floor and jump and your legs go up thats how you do a backflip. A split - A is when you stretch your legs very far. Thats how you do split. A handstand is when you put your arms on the floor then your legs up and stand there for 5 seconds . A cartwheel is when you stretch your legs and then you run and put your hands on the ground and put your legs up in the air you repeat this over and over

Chapter one

Why is cheerleading so hard doing backflip, handstand, cartwheel, splits. And dancing all of this is hard work it takes a lot of training . It may take months or years I cheer for the millers and colts and its all about being focus on cheerleading not on anything else


Dancing moves are some of the hardest thing to do in cheerleading. One move is throwing someone in the air and twirl and land on their feet. The other is a cartwheel backflip and do it over and over agin the other move is jump stomp and do a backflip and then the split and those are the moves in cheerleading


When you start cheerleading in the gym all the girls meet together . And talk about all the kind of stuff that you do in the gym like handstand, backflip, cartwheel, splits. All of that we have to practice for the big game
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