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Recommended Apps

Sakura Quick Math

Cost: $1.99
This app is great for those who would like to train to be quicker at math. This would be comparative to "mad minutes", often implemented in math classes, where students are asked to complete as many math problems as they can in one or two minutes. The app supports learning through gamification, by encouraging students to beat their own and peers previous scores.
Sakura Quick Math - iPad/iPhone app demo


Cost: FREE
This app is a great resource for teaching basic physics concepts! Often, it is hard to visualize what is going on conceptually and mathematically. Gizmos makes it simpler, without leaving out any necessary information. Concepts are clearly laid out, so this would be an excellent for all students! This app would be particularly suited for visual and hands-on learners.
Intro to the Gizmos iPad App

Virtual Manipulatives!

Cost: FREE
For some mysterious reason, people often find fractions intimidating and complicated. In reality, they are simple once you understand the very basics of them. Virtual Manipulatives! is an app that would help students explore the world of fractions and gain an understanding of them. Fractions are a seemingly simple concept, but many students struggle with them the most!
Virtual Manipulatives app

BuzzMath Middle School

Cost: FREE
BuzzMath Middle School is an amazing app that costs nothing. It has a library of over 3000 problems, which includes word problems! Many students struggle with word problems, since not only do they incorporate complicated math concepts, but also reading comprehension. In math, we often get in the habit of completing a problem a certain way. We assume we know what each question is asking of us, and so complete it as such. This can quickly become a problem, if you don't read the question carefully!
BuzzMath - Teacher's Video Tour

Algebra Touch

Cost: $1.99
Algebra Touch is an app that is great for practice. It could be used as a supplement to homework and studying. Math is a subject that often requires a lot of practice before it is mastered. This app would not only clarify concepts, but also solidify knowledge already present. Doing problems out of a text book can be boring.. an app makes math exciting!
App Review: Algebra Touch


Cost: FREE
GoREACT is a free app that would be a great resource for science students. The Periodic Table of Elements is often referred to in homework, but could originally only be found in a heavy textbook. A student would be required to haul this textbook back and forth between school, in order to complete homework and to study. Backpacks just got lighter! Now, students can take the Periodic Table of Elements with them anywhere on their iPad or iPhone!

ChemPro: Chemisty Tutor

Cost: FREE (option to upgrade)
ChemPro is an excellent resource inside and outside of the classroom. It comes equipped with lessons, videos, and in-app calculators for molar mass and unit conversions. This is an amazing FREE resource to assist students in learning new concepts, completing homework, and studying.

This app is also available for both Android and iOS!
Chem Pro for the iPhone and iPod touch