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Special Issue from the iPad Summit

Key takeaways from SBSD teachers

"Let the students be more creative. We don't always have to tell them what the exact product should be. We can give them the freedom to present their learning in any way they choose." ~ Jesse Atkins (2nd Grade)

"Get kids connected! Creating projects that show student learning is great, but I need to create more opportunities for them to share with each other (not just with me)." ~ Heather Perretta (4th Grade)

"The concept of App Smashing is to create previously inconceivable artifacts to demonstrate cognitive growth. Students can create content in multiple apps, merge them together (smash!), and publish." ~ Becky Riley (6th Grade)

What you can try in your classroom...


  • Have "genius hour" each week where students have time to "tinker." Similar to Google's 20% time, The students pick a topic they are interested in and spend one hour each week researching and learning about it and then creating something to present their findings.
  • Have students organize iPads placing the "CORE APPS" on the first screen. These are apps that have multiple functions and can be used across subject areas. Some ideas are Google Drive, Educreations, Popplet, Tellagami, Socrative.

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Best resources

Edtechteacher's VIMEO channel - includes tutorial for many tools in a short video format

Blogger Jen Carey summarizes the event - key ideas from two keynote speakers and main ideas from the summit