Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero:

And why he was a complete Zero

He actually did really good things.

He expanded suffrage to the common white guy, he defeated the British at the battle of New Orleans, and he killed a corrupt national bank.


He had around 150 slaves when he died, who did all the work on his famous mansion, "The Hermitage". The slaves made the Hermitage self-sufficient, whereas Jackson couldn't even provide for his house of 14 without the forced labor of his slaves.

Indian Removal Act

Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830, authorizing him to give unsettled lands past the Mississippi "in exchange for" the Natives ancestral lands, where they had been living for centuries.

Trail of Tears

If being able to "trade" the Native's land wasn't bad enough, when they resisted, Jackson had them forced of their land by the military. He had also promised horses and wagons to help make the journey easier. But, of course, Jackson didn't deliver as promised.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

Overall: Zero

In total, his bad outweighed his good. He beat the British in a battle after the war they were fighting was over; he killed a man in a duel for no reason. He destroyed a corrupt national bank just because he didn't like the person running it, crushing the economy after he left. He Presided over us for years, but he had 150+ slaves just so he could support himself. He killed almost all of the Native Americans, illegally ignored the Supreme Courts ruling, stating that he couldn't "relocate" the Cherokee, but he still got re-elected. And he was racist and sexist.

The explanation for this cartoon is that Jackson was dueling a man named Charles Dickinson because he was called a coward, then was shot. His first shot misfired, meaning that he lost, but he broke etiquette and shot Dickinson, killing him. Also, Jackson was known to be violent-prone and used to using duels to settle social arguments.