Field Trip

Bakken and Pavek Museum by Conner


The first stop on are awesome field trip was the Bakken Museum. We did lots of cool stuff with electricity. We had to find to see if a magnet has an invisible orb. I tried lots of different things to see if I could prove it. After that fun activity we put different magnets to see how strong or weak the magnetic field was. P.S NEVER DO IT AT HOME!


The 2nd stop that we went on are field trip was the Pavek. We got to do a lot of fun things. The first thing that we did was we learned about some things so that when we went to do the game show you would be able to know some of the answer. Next we all went into a circle and made a human circuit and shocked someone and then it shocked everyone else because we had all formed a circuit. Then we learned that we were conductors and not insulators and conductors means that the magnetic field can go through it and insulators means that the magnetic field can not go through it. Then we went to record are selves in the radio station. We had 3 different groups and I was in group 3 so I got to see one of the groups go before I did. It took quite a bit of time so When the 2nd group went we got to go to do the game show. How you get points was they asked you a question that you learned before you went to the game show and then you had to press the button and then it beeped and lit up your spot and then you answered and the first question was worth 20 points the 2nd question was worth 30 points and the last big question was worth 60 points! I played agents Omair and Eddie. I won 80 to 60 to 30! Then we finely got to go to the radio station. Here are some of the jobs that you got to do. Reporter, News Reporter, Broadcaster, Braking News, and Engineer. I got to be the Broadcaster! After that we got on the bus and headed for school. When we got to school The Rock got in the classroom 1st.