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January Dates to Remember

  • Jan 3 - Teacher PD/Flex Day
  • Jan 6 - Students Return
  • Jan 8 - School Spelling Bee 9 am (HES Library)
  • Jan 9 - Report Cards
  • Jan 14 - Liberty Kick-off 2nd Grade 9 am (LCHS Auditorium)
  • Jan 20 - Martin Luther King / NO SCHOOL
  • Jan 23 - Mother-Son WinterFormal (PTO)

January Breakfast and Lunch Menus

A Bugz Christmas

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Tiffany Watkins is our selection for the month of January. Mrs. Watkins has been at Hatton for eight years. She has been married for nine years and has two children that attend HES. She has taught kindergarten, second, third and sixth grades but sixth is her favorite. Her favorite subjects are reading and science. Mrs. Watkins became a teacher because she wants to be a catalyst for change. She wants to be a champion for her students and knows that will happen by developing connections with them. She wants her students to know that she will never give up on them or their success. Mrs. Watkins truly enjoys teaching and loves getting to witness the lightbulb moments her students have. She prayed for God to send her to the school she was willed to teach at and that’s how she became a part of Hatton Elementary.

Unsung Heros - January's Theme is "Makes Me Smile''

An "Unsung Hero" is a student that isn't always in the limelight but their character stands out to teachers and staff nonetheless. These students were nominated by various teachers for bringing joy and smiles to everyone around them.

  • Cory Colburn - Cory has a unique way of looking at things and makes comments that you wouldn't dream would come from a sixth-grader. He has a wonderful personality and often makes his whole class smile. He can be super sweet, yet funny as well.

  • Zoe Shook - She is always happy and kind and friendly to others. Her sweet personality lights up the room.

  • Wheeler Patterson - Wheeler is always striving to do his very best work and to be kind to everyone. He always is willing to help others learn a new activity. He continuously shows kindness to others by including them in activities or encouraging them to be their best. He truly has a heart full of love and compassion.

  • Robbie Beil - Robbie is a special little guy. He can warm your heart just by being around him. His little smile just lights up our classroom.

  • Tyde Liles - Tyde can usually be found with a smile on his face. Tyde recently brought lots of smiles with his amazing fly costume for A Bugz Christmas. The world is a brighter place with Tyde in it!

January Employee Spotlight

Mrs. Brittney Morgan

January’s employee spotlight will focus on our principal, Mrs. Brittney Morgan. Mrs. Morgan has been the principal at HES for three years. She has been married for twelve years and has a daughter Laney who will start Kindergarten at HES next school year. She grew up in Mt. Hope and graduated from Mt. Hope High School in 2002. She attended NWSCC and Athens State University and earned her degree in Elementary Education. Mrs. Morgan then pursued a Master’s degree in Counseling and received a post Master’s certification in Instructional Leadership from the University of West Alabama. She became a principal because she wanted the opportunity to not only work with students but also wanted to work with teachers and parents to make a difference in the lives of children. When coming to HES, she said she had always known that it was an exceptional school with great community involvement and that was something she wanted to be a part of. She loves her job and everyone that she works with and loves the family atmosphere here.

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020! Here are a few new years resolutions from our teachers:

  1. Be less busy by saying no without feeling guilty.
  2. Show my students how much they mean to me and that they are truly loved.
  3. Remember that Mt. Dew should NOT be my best friend.
  4. Be a friend and confidant to as many of these kids as I can. Some of them don't have that at home.
  5. Slow down and enjoy the ride.
  6. Spend more time with Jesus.
  7. Write more letters/cards.

Shout out to our STING news staff for their hard work each month!