Super Spike News

November 2015

Dear Families,

Richboro Elementary School is excited to announce the revamping of the Principal’s Club. The program is a positive behavior support system that rewards students who follow our Super Spike Credo. Power Paws are frequently given out to students demonstrating the Super Spike Credo, which provides acknowledgement to the student about his/her behavior and gives that student an opportunity to earn additional rewards.

Students who are “caught” following the school-wide Super Spike Credo are given a Power Paw that is redeemed in the main office for a spot in the Celebrity Book and a placement on the Principal’s 100 Club board. Parents will be notified, via email, if your child receives a Power Paw. The contest is similar to BINGO in that the board has numbered squares where a student places his/her name in a square that coincides with a randomly drawn numbered paw. Once an entire row of 10 is filled, those students whose names appear in the winning row of boxes will receive the Mystery Motivator reward. The reward could range from lunch with a teacher, homework passes, to tickets to the local movie theatre. Upon completion of a cycle, the board will be wiped clean and the process will start again. The intended result of the Principal’s 100 Club is increased positive behavior, public acknowledgment for following the school-wide Super Spike Credo, and greater reinforcement of expectations.

A student’s behavioral/social success within school can have a strong correlation with their academic success and love of learning. We encourage you to ask your child about the Power Paws and Principal’s 100 Club. We also believe it is very important to help your child get excited and be proud of their social/behavioral accomplishments, as well as all of their academic accomplishments.


Parents, we are always looking for support and assistance with our Mystery Motivator prizes. If you are willing OR know of a vendor or organization that would be willing to contribute items in sets of 10 to our Mystery Motivator prizes please contact the Main Office. Please keep in mind that each Mystery Motivator prize should be given in sets of 10. Prizes could include donation of time (i.e. to run an organized activity), gift certificates, or prizes larger in nature. We would like to avoid small items that could become distracting.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support,

Daneyelle & the RES Staff

*Below you will find an original RES school production designed to explain the revamped Super Spike Principal’s 100 Club. In addition to the students who were involved in the making of this iMovie, I would like to acknowledge Mrs. Aquila for writing the script and Mrs. McFillin for fulfilling the role of producer.

Super Spike Movie

Inside this Issue:

  • Upcoming dates to know
  • November Assembly
  • Grade level and specials news
  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play & Feast
  • Fall Feast & Buddy Bingo pictures
  • Scooper Bowl
  • Special events details
  • RSA corner

Upcoming Dates:

12/4: Mother-Daughter Paint Party from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. @ RES

12/10: Instrumental Concert @ 9:30 a.m. (school) & 7:30 p.m. (community)

12/15 -12/18: Spike Shop at all lunches & after school on Thursday, 12/17

12/16: RSA meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

12/23: Winter Parties

12/24 to 1/1: No School, Winter Break

1/4/2016: School Re-opens

Music Technology Assembly!

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November Assembly

Kindergarten News

November sure went by quickly but you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun!

This month, the kindergarteners have been flourishing in their reading and writing! We have been working on identifying medial and ending sounds as well as short and long vowel sounds.

Both Kindergarten classes completed a home project where they had to disguise their turkey. What creative and crafty students we have!

Our Thanksgiving Play and Feast was a great way start off the holiday break. The students did a wonderful job performing as Pilgrims and Indians sharing the first thanksgiving meal together!

Coming up:

Winter Holiday Party:

A.M. Class- Wednesday, December 23rd at 10:30

P.M. Class- Wednesday, December 23rd at 2:30

Bear Day: P.M. Class- Tuesday, December 8th

-Ms. Hamilton & Mrs. Wagner

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play

1st Grade Buzz

First grade has been talking about Johnny Appleseed- apples. We also have learned about the life cycle of the apple and pumpkin and putting those stages in the right order. This led into putting events from our stories in order and now we are beginning to use order words to keep our own writing organized. In math, we learned about the ten frame and using that to add facts to 12. We discussed important math words like part, part, whole and how that helps with addition. The part, part, whole (addition) is now helping us understand subtraction which we have just started working on. We know we can think addition to subtract. We are learning so much in First Grade!

-Mrs. Delfini, Mrs. Cantwell, Mrs. Jurney & Mrs. Edwards

2nd Grade Scoop

Our Second graders culminated their Social Studies unit about American signs and symbols with a touching show entitled, A Tribute to Our Veterans. They learned several poems, and sang many well-known American classics, such as “You’re a Grand Old Flag”, and “The Star Spangled Banner”. The children looked fantastic in their red, white, and blue as they waved their flags in unison to “God Bless the USA”. The show ended with the veterans joining the children on stage as they sang, “We are Proud of our Veterans”. We were impressed with how the children showed responsibility in learning the parts of the show, and how they cooperated with one another. Great Job, Second Graders!!!

-Mrs. Rowan, Mrs. Foy, Mrs. Pithis & Mrs. Mazen

Here is the link to the Advance on-line newspaper:

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Having Fun with Fall Words!

First graders created cornucopias by identifying various fruits and vegetables. They used their knowledge of beginning sounds to match the words and pictures.

Second graders reviewed nouns by using a turkey to categorize nouns into people, places and things. They then used the nouns to write a descriptive paragraph about the fall.

-Mrs. Rounsavill


3rd Grade Beat

The third graders completed a science unit on Sound during the month of November. As a concluding activity, the students made an instrument at home. At school, each student presented how he or she made the instrument. The students also demonstrated how the instrument made sound using their science vocabulary words. Students displayed their creativity by making instruments out of recycled materials and decorating their instrument to show their personality.

The Third Grade Team,

Mrs. Sottung, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Sabol and Mrs. Fyke

4th Grade Bulletin

4th Grade studied the Revolutionary War in the month of November. We learned about the Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, Minutemen, the Liberty Bell, and the Declaration of Independence. We also read about Betsy Ross, and Benjamin Franklin. We wrote a paragraph, and drew a picture about this important time in our history. We presented our information to the class project called our project: “The Bell Rings for Freedom”. Our wonderful creations are in the hallway to enjoy!

The Fourth Grade Team:

Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Coapman, Mrs. Jaggers, Mrs. Wendling & Mrs. Murphy

Apps for Mathematics

Online games are a great way to help motivate students and reinforce learning. Below you can find a variety of math applications that you can use with students of all ages. From practicing math facts to solving logic puzzles, there is something for everyone!

-Mrs. Fitzgerald

Math Fact Master: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

A fun way for students to spend 10 minutes each night practicing their math facts! Students can use the app in two different modes: flashcard or challenge mode. Flashcard mode allows children to practice specific number sets and operations while the challenge mode lets children test what they’ve learned.

24 Game

A favorite among the students in our school! Children can now use the app and challenge Facebook friends and opponents from around the world to compete in in real-time matches!


Do you enjoy Sudoku Puzzles? KEKEN puzzles are another fun and exciting math puzzle that requires students to use logic and reasoning when solving. The varying difficulty levels provide opportunities for children of all ages to challenge themselves.

Motion Math

This app is a simple and fun way for our young learners to explore number lines and develop their number sense as they gain a deeper understanding of place value.


How well can you form equations from numbers? Students can use this app to play a crossword style game that requires them to build and extend equations. A fun and educational way for students to sharpen their mental math skills.

5th Grade Flash

Fifth Grade Goes Exploring! In Social Studies we have begun to explore and conquer New Worlds! Ask your child to tell you about their assigned explorer and what their accomplishments are so far. In January, we will have our Explorer Wax Museum. More information will follow.

Our fifth grade scientists had a CELL-abration planning, drawing, painting and writing stories about their Cell character. This was our culminating project for our unit on Microworlds. Our next unit will focus on States of Matter! We will learn about the smallest particle of all living things, Mr. Atom! Everything Matters in 5th grade!Until our next Fifth Grade Flash,

Until our next Fifth Grade Flash,

Mr. Benson, Mrs. Cicchiello, Mrs. Nack, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Siravo & Mrs. Kane

Support a Healthy Appetite for Reading!

There are many ways you can provide additional support for your developing readers at home! Try the Scholastic Book Wizard to find just right books at where you can search by DRA, Grade Level Equivalent or Guided Reading Level (aka Fountas and Pinnell) to find books of interest at your child's current reading level.

Additional helpful websites for our K-2 students to practice, phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, e-books, etc. include:

Happy Reading! :)

Mrs. Kennedy and Ms. Dougherty, RES Literacy Specialists

Punkin' Chunkin' Pumpkins

What do you do with your leftover pumpkins? Many people around the country participate in punkin’ chunkin’, the sport of mechanically launching a pumpkin. The gifted students had the opportunity to participate in a punkin' chunkin' challenge, an activity based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Using craft sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon, the students worked in groups to design a catapult that would launch a candy pumpkin. They brainstormed ideas, planned a design, built a model, tested their model and modified their designs. Finally, they launched pumpkins across the classroom, and some pumpkins were launched over 10 feet! The students did an amazing job creating their catapults and they enjoyed this collaborative STEM challenge!

-Mrs. McFillin

Sixth Grade Dispatch

The sixth grade students conducted their own student-led conferences! During the conferences, students had an opportunity to share overall feelings about sixth grade as they discussed the progress they have made. Additionally, students chose artifacts that represented themselves as learners during this first marking period. Finally, each student developed appropriate goals for the remainder of the school year, and as a team, we discussed how he or she will achieve these goals and what role we will play in guiding him or her. We look forward to seeing all of our students continue to progress and learn as active participants in the learning process!

-Mrs. Nelsen, Mr. McElrath, Ms. Pressman, Mrs. Christiansen & Mrs. McFadden

Mrs. Scott's Guidance Highlights

The internet can be an amazing resource for children these days. Especially when doing book reports, current event essays, and interactive learning games, it is never too early to start teaching kids the importance of internet safety.

Special Corner News


Everyone is cordially invited to the Winter Instrumental Concert on Thursday, December 10th at 7:30 pm in the RES Multi-Purpose Room. The Advanced Band and Orchestra will be playing songs of the season such as Sleigh Ride and S’Vivon!

-Mrs. Hintenlang


New and exciting things are happening at the Library Beginning the week of Dec 7-12 all students from grades 1-6 will work on coding—aka computer programming. Students will learn the basics of computer programming and will work on it throughout the school year. Students now have accounts through the website. Please feel free to explore this site with your child.

Authors! Authors! Authors! Prior to Thanksgiving all fifth and sixth graders met with Claire Legrand, she was wonderful. Her inspiring story of changing her course in life to follow her passion has led her to a career as an award winning writer.

Coming January 8, 2015 Frank Murphy will visit students in grades 2-3. Check your child’s folder for information about ordering his great books which are wonderful for beginning readers.

-Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Laigaie


Richboro’s music program is buzzing with excitement. Second grade students enjoyed performing our patriotic songs for the Veteran’s Tribute. Our kindergarten students enjoyed performing songs for our Thanksgiving Feast. We are so proud of all of our singers. In music classes, students are beginning to work on the MIE keyboards. They are composing original songs and recording them. Fifth and sixth graders are rehearsing for our upcoming music concerts and many of them are reporting to our morning rehearsals for SUMMER CAMP. Fifth and sixth grade students involved in our musical will need to order a camp T-shirt for the production by December 17, 2015. All cast members will be wearing the camp shirts and jeans in our school musical. Thanks for your support of our music program here at Richboro! This is a very exciting time of the year and we shall continue to make each day a musical one

-Mrs. O'Connor

Art: Scooper Bowl 2015

Students got together from all over the district to attend the first annual Scooper Bowl hosted by the Art Teachers of Council Rock. Tickets were sold for a three scoop sundae with unlimited toppings and a specially made ceramic bowl. Bowls were handmade and painted by 6th Grade students across the district. Proceeds from this event all went to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. RES alone sold 460 bowls!!!
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Our art teacher, Mrs. Aubuchon, showing off some awesome creations with students from Newtown Elementary and Council Rock North!

Fall Feast

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Student Council

Our next Student Council Activity will be our Holiday Buddy Project. Buddies will be decorating wishing wells to bring in their wishes for the coming year. This also ties in with our District Fundraiser, The Make –A-Wish Foundation. Student Council wishes everyone a joyous holiday season.

Buddy Bingo!

What better way to spend a half day than teaming up with your favorite buddy for some intense games of Buddy Bingo! Last week on Monday our school did just that and got together with their buddies for some quality time and fun.

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Big image

Don't Miss Special Events!

RES Instrumental Concert

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 7:30pm

Richboro Elementary Cafeteria

Two show times: 9:30 a.m. (school) & 7:00 p.m. (community)
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2015-2016 School Year Calendar

Click me to see this school year's holiday closings and half days.

Thinking of Volunteering? Background Checks are NOW a State Requirement!

PA State Law now requires that all volunteers in the district MUST obtain the required clearances. Keep in mind it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain all the clearances.

What You'll Need:

  1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check $0
  2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance $0
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance $27 (ONLY if you've lived outside Pennsylvania in the last 10 years) OR the CR Volunteer Affidavit-Notarized $0 (good for those who have lived in the state of PA for the last 10 years.)

Once you receive your clearances and/or affidavit, BRING them to Pat Waters, Secretary for CRSD Human Resources at the Chancellor Center in Newtown. She will witness you signing an “Authorization to Begin Volunteering” form. You will then receive a photo request form to complete the process at CR North—please be sure to ask for this. Ms. Waters can be reached at at or (215) 944-1000, x1019.

Designer Bag Bingo

DBB was a huge hit! Mr. Benson was in attendance calling out numbers to the crowd of ladies, eager to get their hands on the beautiful handbags that were up for grabs. Congratulations to all the winners! Big thank you to Kelly Gillis for organizing such a great event and the RSA team for their help on a successful night out.

(Photo: Mr. Benson & Mrs. Clopton)


Joe Corbi’s Pizza fundraiser coming in February.

Joe Corbi’s Pizza is coming to RES! We will begin taking orders in February for delivery in time for Spring Break. From plain to gourmet, whole wheat to gluten free, there’s a pizza kit to please every member of your family!

Follow the link below to see the brochure.


Our biggest fun-raiser of the year is in March, but to make sure our annual carnival is a big success, please consider donating an item for the event.

  • Have season tickets to a local sports team? Donate a game.
  • Have a vacation time share? Donate a long weekend.
  • Have a home at the shore? Donate an off-peak week.
  • Have a family business? Donate a product or service.
  • Have a treadmill or exercise bike? We can auction it off.

Contact event chair Tanya Close ( to discuss.

Support RES While You Shop!