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In the last Monday Message there was LOTS of information regarding school times, arrival and dismissal procedures, breakfast and lunch information, schedules and mode of dress. Please take time to read over this important information.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be available Today, October 15th. Report Cards will not be mailed home. To access your child's report card, please login to your Home Access Center profile. Every parent will need to create a profile through Home Access Center to access their child's grades.

Fall Picture Day Postponed

Fall pictures will be postponed until further notice. If you have already sent money for pictures, you will be receiving a phone call from our front office to schedule a time to pick up the money, or it can be sent home with your child if you like. Please do not send any money for pictures until further notice. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome Back Car Parade

This Saturday, October 17th Alief staff from all across the district will drive through neighborhoods throughout the Alief community with decorated cars and signs to welcome our students back to campus. The parade will begin at 10am sharp and travel throughout surrounding Martin neighborhoods. You can show your school pride by creating signs, blowing horns/whistles and cheering on the parade as it passes your home. Be outside at 10am sharp to make sure you don't miss the parade driving by your home! Please click on the link below for more information.

New Parking Lot

You may have noticed that there is a new parking lot in the front of the building. This parking lot will be made available for parent parking, although there will still be a “no visitor” rule at this time. When you pull in and out of the parking lot, please be extra careful as students or parents may be crossing at the sidewalks.

Brighter Bites

Brighter Bites will be held next Thursday, October 22nd from 3-4pm. Distribution will be in between Sharpcrest and Hendon through the visitors parking lot by the gym. You will remain in your vehicle, and a Brighter Bites volunteer will place the produce box in your trunk. Thank you for your participation in Brighter bites.

Re-Entry Safety Protocols

As we re-renter the building for face to face learning, there are safety protocols in place for the safety of staff and students.

  • All students and staff in the building will be required to wear a clean mask covering their nose and mouth at ALL times
  • There are hand sanitizing stations around the building for staff and student use
  • Classrooms and desks will be thoroughly cleaned daily
  • Please remain 6 feet away from other families when you walk your child to school in the morning
  • Please DO NOT congregate at the doors during morning arrival
  • There will be NO visitors allowed in the building at this time and NO lunch drop off; Please be sure to send lunch with your child in the morning
  • Students will eat lunch in their classrooms at this time
  • If you must pick up your child from school early, you must first call the front office, your child will wait in the front office until you arrive, and then be escorted to the front office door

Our first priority is the safety of our students. Please respect the above guidelines and help us to keep your children safe as possible while at school.

Face to Face Instruction

Students who have selected to return to campus for face to face instruction will continue to utilize technology for submission of assignments. Please keep technology checked out to you at home, as we currently have enough devices for students to use at school.

During this reentry phase, students will:

  • (or may) have a different cohort teacher
  • remain in their same cohort classroom throughout the day
  • return to a more traditional school schedule with modifications for safety
  • eat their lunch in their classrooms
  • be given movement breaks throughout the day
  • participate in specials classes with our Block teachers daily, as they were in virtual learning
  • have slight adjustments from traditional school to ensure staff and student safety.

For more information on the district safety plan, please visit the link below.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Student will be bringing home meal applications to be completed by the parent or guardian of the home. Although Alief is currently distributing meals free of charge to the community, it is very important that these applications are completed and returned to your child's teacher. These applications help our campus receive additional funding that directly benefits students through resources, program and supplies. Please click on the link below for more information.

Backpacks and Masks

Students will not be allowed to bring backpacks to school at this time. All materials and technology that students need will be held at school for their daily use. We know that throughout the school day things may happen and a student may need another mask, please send extra clean masks in a plastic bag to be kept in their desk for their use if needed. Students will not be allowed to share masks. Masks must be clean and cover the students nose and mouth at all times.

Nurse Notes

Parents, our priority is to keep your children safe and healthy as we approach face to face learning. Continue to encourage your child to wash hands frequently, wear their mask (when appropriate), drink lots of fluids, choose healthy habits and outdoor exercise! Please continue to teach your child how to put on and take off their masks safely. They will be expected to keep their masks on while at school, except for drinking water and eating breakfast or lunch. Please be sure to fill out the emergency contact portion of the registration card. It is important that we are able to contact someone in the event of an emergency at school, especially during this time.


All students must have their age appropriate immunizations current before returning to school Contact your family doctor to check if your child immunizations are up to date. Send the updated records to the school nurse at If you choose to opt out of vaccinating please provide the school nurse with a notarized Affidavit for Exemption.

Flu Season

Yikes, we’re still in a pandemic and flu season is almost here. Monitor your children closely for flu-like symptoms

Some Ways to prevent the flu are:

  • Get your flu shot

  • Wash your Hands frequently

  • Practice ways to prevent flu

  • Follow up with your family doctor when your child displays symptoms

Suspect COVID

If you suspect your child or a family member has COVID-like symptoms contact your doctor immediately to get tested and remain at home and away from others for a period of 14 days, or until you receive a negative test. Please notify the school nurse at if your child tests positive.


Any students, new and returning that have not yet registered for the 20-21 school year will need to do so prior to returning to campus, or participating in online instruction. Any student coming to campus for face to face instruction must be completely registered before entering the building. Please use the link below for more information regarding online registration.

Alief ISD Student Enrollment 2020-2021

Please ensure that all the information, especially contact information and student information, is accurate as you enter it. In addition, there are added questions regarding your family's technology needs.

For questions specific to Martin Registration, you can contact our Registrar, Mrs. Arreola at 281-983-8363, Monday through Friday from 9am-2pm.

Home Access Center

If you need help accessing your HAC, please go to the Alief website or call 281-983-8363.

Student Residency Questionnaire

If you have not already, please complete the student questionnaire survey. The purpose of this questionnaire is to give the district a better idea of how to support our students and families. This year the form has been made accessible online. Please take a few minutes to complete the important form as soon as possible. Click on the link below to access the form.

Student Residency Questionnaire

COVID-19 Resources

We know that this pandemic is still affecting many families. Please click on the link below to view a list of COVID-19 resources such as: testing sites, mental health support, food assistance, and financial assistance.

Safety Videos

A students re-enter campus, safety is our top priority! Please take a moment to view these safety videos with your child.

Counselor's Corner

What a year 2020 has been so far! We have encountered a worldwide pandemic, faced hurricane threats, and challenged our technical skills in virtual learning. It has not been easy, especially for some Martin families who have dealt with health issues, job security, financial struggles, stress from being quarantined at home, etc. I applaud all parents for their hard work, patience, and flexibility as we figure out the best course of action to ensure that your child gets the best and safest education possible. We certainly have to work together to navigate this “new normal” and support each other each day.

I am here to support all students with their social, emotional, academic needs. It is so important to develop skills that will help them be successful not only academically but also in life. Skills such as:

  • Making good choices
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Taking responsibility
  • Showing empathy
  • Getting along with others
  • Learning how to communicate in a healthy manner
  • Identifying own feelings
  • Developing skills for self-care
  • Respecting diversity
  • Respecting others’ opinions.

Students will have weekly lessons in these areas throughout the year. The easiest way students can talk to me is to tell their teachers. Teachers in turn will contact me and I will reach out to the students in person, via phone or through zoom. Here is the form students can fill out to get in touch with me.

I Need to See the Counselor:

2nd-4th Grade Counselor Form

PK-1st Grade Counselor Form English:

PK-1st Grade Counselor Form Spanish:

Parents can reach me via:

Phone 281-983-8363 extension 22577 (Martin Elementary)

Google voice call or text: 281-668-8953

Email: or

As difficult as it may seem, it is important for adults to take a few moments each day to take care of themselves even if it is for 5 minutes. Below are some ideas to share with your family for self-care.


In Literacy, students will be working to learn the name and sounds of letters. Students are working on print: - concepts in books - front cover of the book, - where to begin to read, - understands print not picture carries the message, - follows directionality from left to right, - points to each word when reading. Students should be able to write their name without the help of a model. In Phonemic Awareness they are beginning to identify and isolate beginning sounds in words and to hear and count words in a spoken sentence. Students will be also working on identifying, syllables and rhyming and non-rhyming words. In Math, students are working on counting; forward to 20 and backwards from 10. Students are learning to recognize numerals 1-5 and will be able to give the number before/after in that range. They are beginning to demonstrate 1-1 correspondence for up to 5 items in a set. Students are beginning to make sets and recognize (without counting) them from 1 to 5. At this time, students should be able to identify colors and shapes.


Kindergarten students have completed Module 1 of HMH curriculum and have started Module 2. The theme of Module 2 is “There is Only One Me!” and we focus on what makes each student special and to celebrate differences in others. We are using characters called “Alphafriends” to learn letter sounds. We are also practicing sight words, counting syllables, producing rhyming words, and working on beginning reading and writing skills. In math, we have finished teaching numbers to 10 and are beginning to learn about size, length and weight. Now that we are finished with numbers to 10, students should be able to read and write numerals to 10, count and compare groups of objects, and know one more and one less than a given number up to 10. In science, kindergarteners are exploring changes from heat. They are learning what heat does to different objects and materials. Once finished, they will start learning about heat, light and sound energy, then magnets. In social studies, students are currently learning about how to make decisions which will be followed by U.S. symbols. The U.S. symbols that students will learn about are the bald eagle, American flag, and the Statue of Liberty.

1st Grade

In Literacy, we will be completing Module 2, My Family, and My Community, which focused on everyone having a community and a family and how each person can make his or her communities and families special. Module 3 will be focused on animals' characteristics and how their bodies helps them survive. In Math, students are working on addition and subtraction strategies within 10. They will be exploring the various tools that are available to them to help them solve these types of problems. In Science, we are finishing Changes from heat. The focus was on students understanding that material can change by removal or addition of heat. In addition, they should be able to differentiate between solid, liquid, and gas. Next, we will move on to Unit 2. First thing we will cover is Forms of Energy. We will focus on light, heat, and sound energy and how to identify each one in our everyday life. In Social Studies, we are finishing Unit 1 with Freedom week and symbols of our country. We will cover symbols: Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, United Stated Flag, and Texas Flag. We will practice reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag. Finally, we will practice voting for students to have a better understand the concept and for them to see that voting is a way of making choices. Next, we will start Unit 2 with Hispanic Heritage, in which we will identify contribution of influential individuals and how these individuals have influenced our community.

2nd Grade

In literacy, we have completed Module 2: look around and explore, which focused on science and exploring the world. Students read about matter and read texts that inspired them to look at the details in the world around them to learn new things. In the following weeks, we will be working on Module 3: Meet in the middle. This module is connected to social studies and focuses on solving problems. In math, we worked on with place value and additions with 3 digits, regrouping most of the time. Students learned to represent the additions in multiple ways. Then, we will be working on subtractions up to 3 digits and regrouping. After that, we will start bar models which help students represent word problems to make them easier to comprehend. In science, we just completed the unit about matter. Students learned about physical properties, changes in heat, and changes in physical properties as well. After this, students will learn about energy, how it changes, and how it is found in nature. In social studies we have finished chapter 1: My community, my country. Students learned about the characteristics of a good citizen, rights and responsibilities, branches of government, our leaders, and the country’s symbols. In the next few weeks we will be working in chapter 2: Working to Meet Our Needs. Students will learn about the principles that rule the economy like needs, wants, goods, services, producers, consumers, and making good choices when it comes to spending money.

3rd Grade

In Literacy, students are finishing Module 2: Use Your Own Words by using verbs and adverbs to express their actions. We will be moving into Modules 3: Let Freedom Ring. Students will about connect historical events with present, past, and future tenses. In Math, we are currently representing addition and subtraction real-world word problems by drawing and labeling bar models. Students are reading each story problem and identifying whether they need to add or subtract to find the solution. In the coming weeks, we will begin Unit 5: Numbers to 100,000. A new place value will be introduced and students will show their knowledge of comparing, ordering, and representing numbers up to 100,000. Next, in Science we are introducing Unit 3: Force, Motion, and Energy. Students will start this unit by exploring the different forms of energy in everyday life such as mechanical, light, sound and thermal energy. We will close the unit by demonstrating and observing various types of forces such as push and pull, force of gravity and magnetism. Lastly, in Social Studies we will be learning about Earth’s Resources and how the environment influences how and where people live.

4th Grade

In literacy we have completed Module 2: Come to Your senses, which focused on informational text where students read a variety of text & media that presented information about the 5 senses. In our next module, we will focus on challenges encountered in the past- historical fiction & nonfiction. Students will Rise to the Challenge & have opportunities to build knowledge across different genres, & synthesize what they are reading. We will continue to learn about the writing process as we begin our next composition-an opinion essay.

In math we have been working on rounding, estimating, whole number multiplication & division. Over the next nine weeks we will work to represent the product of two numbers & the quotient of up to a four-digit number. Some strategies we will learn include: arrays, area models, & standard algorithm equations. Next in science, students will be able to explore & differentiate the forms of energy. We will focus on thermal and electrical energy as we learn about conductors, insulators, & how electricity travels. Students will also design an investigation to explore the effects of force on an object. In our next chapter of social studies, students will be able to identify, locate, and describe the physical regions of Texas. Students will be able to explain the geographic factors that influenced settlement and the ways people have adapted and modified their environment.

Block Rotation Schedule

Block Classes


In PE, students wrapped up the 1st nine weeks focusing on movement activities and incorporating items from home. In PE 1 with Coach D, students developed their juggling skills using two objects. Students were asked to come up with items at home to juggle with, such as Kleenex, paper towels, napkins and plastic bags. In PE 2 with Coach Ary, students worked on jumping skills (with and without a jump rope) and upper body strength. Coach Ary also showed students how to make their own jump ropes using items from home. Moving into the 2nd nine weeks, Coach Ary will introduce students to Yoga, which helps focus on cognitive awareness, flexibility, and strength. Coach D will introduce students to Golf, which helps establish a dominant hand and focuses on concepts of force, aim and accuracy. Students will also continue to develop their upper body strength and juggling skills. Last but not least, both Coach Ary and Coach D will continue to teach students about living a healthy lifestyle by developing proper nutrition and movement/exercise habits through our Brighter Bites CATCH activities.

Health Tech

In Health/Tech, we have been working on learning the importance of eating healthy and staying active as we progress through the school year. Nutrition is an important part of every child’s education. Now students are better able to make better choices about the foods they eat and take more responsibility for their health and their bodies. Also, keeping your body neat and clean is essential to good health as nutrition, exercise and sleep! Students will continue to learn about the different ways a computer can be a useful tool. Where would we be without them? We will learn more about the basics of how they work, their parts, and the different platforms that allow us to create documents and presentations. As we know, different students have different learning styles, technology helps our students learn in the way they're comfortable with. Many games, storytelling apps, online tools, etc., are introduced into the in class to engage my students more effectively. We are learning how to be connected, in this technology-rich society.


In art we learned about influential artists such as Claude Monet, Vincint Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. We focused on the element of art, line and compared and discussed impressionist and post impressionistic line styles. In the next nine weeks, we will continue to explore the elements of art and make connections between art and the world. We will simplify our material use and utilize the basics such as but not limited to: markers, crayons, pencils and paper. We will learn how to paint with markers, build sculptures out of paper and also create keep sakes during the fall and winter season. Students that are on campus will be provided the material needed for the lessons and the remote students will need to use their own supplies, such as crayons, markers and paper. I look forward to creating art with my students both virtually and on campus.


Maritn Musicians K-2 have been learning all about Dynamics (the loud and soft sounds in music). We have explored different ways we can use our voices to create soft, medium, and loud sounds. After getting more comfortable identifying loud and soft sounds, we worked together in classes to create our own songs of Whispers and Shouts. Each class helped compose a section of their Whisper and Shout song and performed together! Students also celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by learning more about instruments from the Caribbean and South America and singing songs in Spanish. Martin Musicians 3-4 have been exploring instrument families and music notation. They are working hard at identifying instrument sounds and memorizing music symbols to learn the language of music! As we continue our musical journey, students will be exploring rhythm and tempo. They will familiarize themselves with rhythm symbols and practice recreating rhythm patterns. Students will learn more about tempo (the speed of music) and will listen to music from the canon that is performed at various tempos. As we approach Holiday season, students will listen to music that celebrates various holidays and cultures and will learn more about the global community of music.

Library Happenings

Check out the Martin Interactive Library Space for Happenings in the Library!

And don’t forget our Zooms on Tuesdays and Fridays! Click on the link below for more information about "happenings in our library!".

Public Meeting and MC^2 Parent Meeting Links

In case you have not viewed our Public Meeting or MC^2 Parent Meeting videos, please click on the link below to view!