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Some of the major landforms of Fiji are the Tomanivi and Mount Uluigalau

Some bodies of water include the Pacific Ocean, the Tasman Sea,and the Cook strait

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Fiji's climate is very nice and warm all year round

Very tropical

the plants and animals

Some cool plants include the orchid or the hibiscus which is also a nice plant

Animals include fish,birds,and mammals

Resources include timber,fish,gold,copper,oil,and hydropower

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the history of fiji begins with the austronesians that first there

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The people of fiji are very diverse

some of them are the sihks,Chinese ,Indians,Gujaratis,and Tamil. There are a lot more
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The Land use in Fiji

15.60% of the land use in fiji is used for crops. The other 84.40% is used for other things, such as resorts
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Religions of Fiji

the main religion of fiji are Christianity,Hinduism,and Islam

Education of fiji is free for eight years

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Traditions are very special in fiji

The have celebrations such as the Yagora ceremony,the meke, and the gonnabiees
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Customs of fiji

Fire walking,the Yagqona ceromony,and they greet by waving and saying "bula" which means hello
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Food includes such things as rice,fish, and fruit

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Current Issues in fiji don't include war

The main issues are poverty and unemployment
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