To Heaven And Back

By: Mary C. Neal

Summery of To Heaven And Back

To Heaven And Back is a novel about Mary Neal's relationship with God.God has carried Mary through many obsticals ,challenges,and even near death experiences.Untill one day everything had changed.At first every thing was great,the sun was shining,the birds were chirping,and Mary was on a trip with her friends,but one fatal accident puts Mary's life out on the line.


Mary is a soft hearted Christian, who is not only intelligent,but faithful. Mary is very compassionate and helps anyone who is in need.


The river is rushing water that crosses into many different paths The river is not forgiving nor is it patient if you fall off, nice knowing you....


It was bright and full of light. Mary says:"I feel as though im trying to describe a three-dementional word living in a two dementional world."

Point of veiw

It was told in Mary's perspective,first person.


Character v.s. Nature

Mary had drowned in a fast rocky river.


Mary shares her amazing experience to heaven and back. I agree with this ending because Mary had a second chance to live her life and share this amazing experience in Heaven with us.