By:Reva Kumta

Official Name

The official name for Thailand is the"land of the free." They decided to call it that because Thailand is the only land which was never ruled by Europeans. But thousands of years ago Thailand was ruled by Cambodians.

Thailands Capital and Major Cities

The capital of Thailand is Bankok. Here are some other important cities: Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Nakhon, Ratchasima, Ben Chiang. These are some of the main cities but Bankok is the capital.


About six million people live in Thailand; maybe more!

What are the citizens called

The citizens are called Thai and they make up most of the population. The other group that live in Thailand, A.K.A Chinese, make up a smaller population.

Official language

The language spoken is Thai, but some people who go to school learn to speak small amounts of English.

When was Thailand formed?

Thai people moved into Thailand in about the 900s.

What is the Belief System in Thailand

Almost all the people who live there are Buddhists, and almost every town has a wat or a temple.

What are the main landforms

Thailand is shaped like an elephants head. The Chao Phraya is Thailands main river; it flows through flat land and to the northeast is a flat wide place called Khorat Platue.

What is the flag for Thailand

Flag: The flag has 5 stripes. The top and bottom stripes are red, the next two are white and the middle one is blue. The red stands for Thailand, the white stands for religion and the blue shows respect for the president.

What are the main products grown in Thailand?

The main things that are grown in Thailand is: Bamboo, coconut palms, ferns, and mago papaya trees.

What other countries does it boarder

Thailand is between Burma, Laos and Cambodia. The Gulf of Thailand is at the East of Thailand.

Interesting Facts

Asia is the biggest continent on Earth. Thailand is the only country that was never ruled by Europeans.