Prep Tech


Need to write out complex math equations for class?

Daum Equation Editor is a free, easy-to-use Chrome extension / Chromebook App (also available for iOS devices) that gives you the ability to create equations and then save them as an image to be used later. It also integrates seamlessly into Google Drive, giving you a one-click option to save your equations to use again. This give you the power to quickly post equations to Google Classroom and students can then download the app to create their own answers to then submit for you.

Watch below to see how it works:

Daum Equation Editor

Found a great article online to use for class but not interested in the site's other content?

Evernote Clearly allows you to clear away all distractions on a website except the content you want. This will make projecting content from an article in class simpler without having to worry about ads, comments, etc. or anything you'd rather not show your students. Furthermore, you can clip the article and save it in a simpler format that you can then share with students on the platform of your choice without having to worry about sharing the whole website.

Have the same problem with YouTube videos?

If you'd like to show a video to the class or even share it with them, but you're worried about having to avoid inappropriate comments underneath the video or irrelevant suggested videos all along the right side of the screen, try out quietube or ViewPure. Both give a quick way to place the video you're interested in on a blank page, so all you see is your video. Quietube works by saving a bookmark to your browser as an "eraser" that you click when you are on the YouTube page. ViewPure needs the video's address and will then take you to your new, clean page.

Hour of Code

This week is the National Hour of Code! And their theme this year is Star Wars -- so of course I'm going to pass that on to everyone! They're fun little puzzles for any age that actually teach core programming concepts. Try it out:

One last fun thing...

Go to to choose to either join the Light Side or the Dark Side leading up to the release of the new Star Wars movie! Sadly, it's only available for those of you with personal Gmail accounts since it's not available for school accounts. (I chose the Light Side by the way, because it's the right thing to do).

Thanks for reading!

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