The GamifiED Classroom #levelupR12

Using gamification to motivate and engage today's learners


Gamification is the idea of incorporating game-based mechanics into a non-gaming environment, like the classroom. These mechanics include leveling up, gaining experience points (XP), earning badges, etc.

1. Start Small or Dive In?

First, we need to decide whether you would like to start small or dive in to something bigger. Both are okay!

Starting Small:

Lesson or Unit

Diving In:

Semester or Year

2. Theme

Choose something that you are excited about!

Use the setting and language from the theme you chose to create an immersive experience.

ex. instead of groups, perhaps each group is a guild.

3. Game Mechanics to Incorporate

Experience Points (XP)




Episode 3 - What is Gamification

4. Take it up a notch!

Incorporate some other mechanics:

Side Quests

Boss Battles


5. Get to know your students

If you do not have a relationship with your students, gamification is going to be difficult for you. You have to know something about them to be able to motivate them.

Share your ideas! - #levelupR12