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Keep updated with the latest information from your AWESOME RHS Counseling Center peeps. Mrs. Penny and Mrs. Timmons will use this newsletter as a way to keep you informed with RHS news, testing information, College and Career info etc.

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Mrs. Timmons or Mrs. Wilson will be in touch with students in the next week to schedule TSI testing for first time dual credit students. Testing will resume June 1st. Please contact Mrs. Timmons with questions or concerns. timmonsn@rainsisd.org

ACT for June 2nd has been cancelled!

Due to the distancing restrictions we are still under at RISD, we cannot safely host an ACT test. The test that was set for June 2nd is cancelled. The next available ACT School Day test will be October 6th. Seniors are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to take either the ACT or SAT at least once in the Fall for college admission purposes! There is NO COST!


Seniors, if you need a final transcript sent to your college or trade school, email Mrs. Wilson @ wilsonp@rainsisd.org. Your school will be asking for one so go ahead and get on the list to have one sent.

Attention New & Returning High School Students:

Welcome! All students who will be attending

Rains ISD next school year need to enroll annually. The online portal is open May 4-June 10.

Class schedules/rosters will only be available to students who have completed the enrollment process. We want to help you with the process to make it as easy as possible.

Give us a call if you have any questions. Patti Wilson is the High School campus registrar, and her number is 903-473-2222, ext. 1404.

Please note: Online enrollment cannot be done using the Skyward Family Access app, because it's not compatible. It must be done on a computer or through the Internet browser on a compatible device. You can access a computer for enrollment at any campus office.


If you are enrolling a returning student (which must be completed EVERY year for EVERY child), log on to your school account here: Skyward Family Access. Make sure to choose “Returning Student” for a shorter enrollment process. It usually takes about 20 minutes to complete.

You will use the Skyward Family Access login assigned to you by the district. This is the same account used to check your child’s grades, attendance, and other services. Need help with your username or password? Call Patti Wilson 903-473-2222, ext. 1404.


If you are enrolling a new student to Rains ISD, create your Skyward Family Access account here.

The items below are necessary to enroll a new student in Rains ISD. If you have trouble uploading these documents, bring them by the campus office, and copies will be made.

The parent or legal guardian must upload or bring to the campus:

*Birth certificate (ages 4-11 must be original or certified copy)

*Social security card

*Immunization record (shots are up-to-date)

*Driver’s license of parent/guardian who is enrolling student

*Proof of residency in Rains County (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)

*Final report card, withdrawal form, or high school transcript from previous school year

CLASS OF 2021 interested in Texas A&M!

Looking ahead to 2020-2021
As we put the wraps on this admission cycle, here are some important things you need to know about the upcoming school year:

  • Application Opening Date – August 1
    The ApplyTexas and Coalition applications will be available beginning August 1 for students applying for the spring and fall 2021 semesters.

While the application opening date has been pushed back a month, our application deadlines remain the same.

Spring 2021:
Application Opening: August 1, 2020
Application Deadline: October 15, 2020

Fall 2021:
Application Opening: August 1, 2020
Application Deadline: December 1, 2020
Additional Documents Deadline: December 15, 2020

  • SAT/ACT Score ARE Required
    Students must have valid SAT/ACT scores on file by the deadline to complete their file and be considered for admission. We understand many test dates have been rescheduled; however, since the fall 2021 deadline is not until December 15, students should have time to take at least one of the tests. We will accept all SAT and ACT scores sent to us directly from the testing agency regardless if tests were taken online or in-person.

As a quick reminder, the following are required to have a complete admission file:


-Application Fee


-Official SAT or ACT Scores

-Self-Reported Academic Record

  • Two Ways to Be Admitted to Texas A&M
    Beginning with applicants for the Spring 2021 admission cycle, automatic academic admission will no longer be an option. Students will either be admitted via the Top 10% (Texas residents only) or through Holistic Review. Any student who does not qualify for Top 10% will have their complete file reviewed for admission consideration. This includes both academic and non-academic factors.

Texas A&M does not offer in-person interviews as part of the admission process. Therefore, it’s critical that your students take time to fill out the application completely and write an informative essay that tells their story. While resumes are accepted, please encourage students to follow the formatting of the application to ensure they’re reporting all necessary information.

  • Texas Together Updates
    We anticipate other minor changes for the admission cycle and will be sharing those at the Texas Together Counselor Updates. Please make your plans to join us. Details about the updates will be posted on the Admissions website at admissions.tamu.edu/counselors.

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ASVAB Information

The ASVAB is just one part of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. Students who took the ASVAB have access to tons of career planning tools at asvabprogram.com. This workshop is for students interested in college, work-based learning, and the Military (parents and educators are also welcome). Join to understand ASVAB results and discover potentially satisfying career fields. Attendees will receive tools to map out post-secondary plans, including college and scholarship search, military options, and more! School is out. Exploration is in. Office Hours Drop in to get your questions answered. Offered every Wednesday at 1 PM EST (in May).

Click on the picture for more information.

Senior Celebration Weekly Highlights

Paying for college Information....

If you are a college bound student, it is on you and your parents mind. Here are several resources that might help answer some of those questions!


About the Scholarship

When it comes to college, it’s never too early to explore, research, and dream. And you’re not alone: We’re here to help guide you through that journey.

Students in the class of 2021 who build a college list with six or more colleges on our college planning site, BigFuture™, can earn a chance at a $500 scholarship.

The College Board will award 100 Build scholarships every month from January through July 2020.

For students in the class of 2020, The Build Your College List scholarship closed on July 31, 2019. (CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION)


About the Scholarship

A little practice goes a long way. With Official SAT Practice, focus on exactly what you need to work on most as you prepare for the SAT.

Students in the class of 2021 who use free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® can earn a chance at a $1,000 scholarship.

The College Board will award 150 Practice scholarships every month from January through October 2020.

For students in the class of 2020, The Practice for the SAT scholarship closed on October 31, 2019. (CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Did you know?

There are certain STATE Colleges and Universities that offer FREE tuition if a student qualifies financially!


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May Scholarship Opportunities

June Scholarship opportunities!

These are for 9-12. Please review requirements to see if you can qualify for the scholarship. APPLY if you can!

July Scholarship opportunities!


Click on the picture for more information.


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It's NEVER too early to start working on improving test scores!!!



In case you missed it!



Students wishing to take a dual credit course next year should select the course(s) you plan to take on your choice sheet. If you are new to dual credit and did not apply before Spring Break, then please email Mrs. Timmons ASAP. TVCC fall registration begins next week, so if you wish to take a TVCC dual credit course, then please email Mrs. Timmons ASAP. timmonsn@rainsisd.org


All 2020 STAAR EOC exam requirements have been waived due to COVID-19 school closures.

What does this mean for you? If you are currently taking English I, English II, Biology, US History, and Algebra I for the first time and you successfully complete the course (pass for the YEAR), then you will not be required to take the EOC exam for the course. If you do not successfully complete the course (pass for the YEAR), then you will be required to take the EOC exam next year.

What if you are supposed to retake an EOC exam that you were not previously successful on? You are still required to take and pass that EOC exam in order to graduate.


These 2 test are extremely important for the College Bound student. It is recommended that you take at least one or both your JUNIOR year, then you can perfect your score by taking them several times your SENIOR year. Colleges typically accept both. You will need to research your college choices for their score requirements for acceptance.

**FREE study tools for ACT and SAT test are located at the bottom of this newletter!**

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RHS Class of 2020 (2.0)

Class of 2020 Senior Celebration....

Week #5 Edition #6 5/10/2020