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All motions were approved.

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Update on New Parkland Elementary School

Parkland is holding bi-weekly meetings with architecture firm KCBA to gather more info on the design.

The PDE Act 34 public meeting, which will outline the proposed cost and financing plan for the entire project, will occur on November 13th. The plan will be on display for 30 days to allow for public review and comment. The School Board will meet on Saturday, October 14 to study the building design, costs and proposed financing plan to allow them time to ask questions related to proposed costs for the project.

Site Progress is being made as Terraform submitted land development plans and a traffic study for review on July 12 to the Upper Macungie Township Planning Commission. The District awaits a letter from PennDOT that will give them a green light to move forward in planning. Site utility design is in progress as water, electric, gas, and sewer plans are being reviewed. All flora and fauna studies with the state's fishing, gaming and wildlife department are nearing an end.

3D models are being shared with vendors for pricing on construction. The team is working on the technical pictures for pricing and development.

The photos above were shared during the meeting. The team chose to eliminate some maintenance issues by removing trees and introducing shade sails that can come down and come up in accordance with the sunlight conditions at any time of the day. Above, you can see how the literacy center and maker spaces are focal points in the courtyard.

Budget Timeline

John Vignone, Director of Business Administration, reviewed a DRAFT of the 2018-19 Budget Timeline which can be viewed here.


Rob Cohen elected not to approve payments to the Cyber Charter schools, citing that he feels the state's cyber schools are a waste of tax payers money as they have shown dismal student performance results.

He also gave a Parkland Library update, stating that the Library continues to work with the Township on plans to expand the current building. He noted that many children and adults are participating in the summer programs that are offered.

Rich Sniscak made special mention of Kim Pilgert and Terry Stack who have submitted their retirements for January. Both, he said, have given many years of dedicated service to Parkland and he wished them much health and happiness in their retirement.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Next Meeting: August 15, 2017 at 7 PM (Workshop) and 8 PM (Regular Meeting)