Beau's fun playground


1. Design three playgrounds and choose one to build.

2. Build the chosen design.

3.This playground will be built for any kid at a typical park land.


The following all have to be met regardless of ranked scores;

Is safe; scale of 1-5

Has at least six elements; a must

Fun looking; scale of 1-10

Is fun; Scale of 1-10

Research A General Playground

Design Ideas

Chosen Idea

Test and Evaluate


I, Beau Brennan, I if don't say so myself, say this is a great design and needs little modifications. If I were to change anything, I would make minor adjustments; making the design more colorful and adding more play elements to it. Though my design is not as creative as some, it surely ranks at the top when it comes to the amount of fun you can have, because that is all that really counts. I would say everyone would agree, because that is the definition of a playground and my design definitely re-enforces it.