The Ming Dynasty

By Ryan and Jared

Religion/Culture/Social Life

What Religions or belief systems did the Ming Dynasty encourage? Discourage?


The early Ming rulers supported Taoism. They discouraged Christianity. They also spread philosophy of a man named Wang Yang-Ming.

What works of art, literature, or music were important during the Ming Dynasty?

Lots of thing flourished in this time period. Literature, music, poetry, and Chinese opera. Vernacular novels was the most striking development of literature. Chinese opera was a popular combination of drama and musical theater. Arts like Six Gentlemen by Ni Zan were important to the people. Also philosophy of Wang Yang-Ming were very important to so many people in China.

Daily life in the Ming dynasty

Daily life in the Ming dynasty for farmers was hard because most of the work was done by hand and the farmers lived in small villages of about 100 people. Life in the city was easier because there were more jobs in the city and it was very secure at night walls closed around the cites keeping people out. wealthy boys attended school but women had hard lives and had no chose in who to marry . It was even ok that if you gave birth to a girl you could just leave her outside to die. You ate rice if you lived in Southern part of China. If you were in the Northern part, you would eat something completely different. You also drank tea,
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