Police Officer

By Nathan Pfeuffer

Help your community.

Police officers help to keep our communities orderly and safe. Police officers ensure that members of the community follow the "rules" (laws). Many Police Officers ensure the safety of everyone and take down potential threats to the community. Police Officers also help in school zones and other organized areas around the world. Most Police Officers attend community events to provide protection and sense of safety.




Many officers that are stuck behind a desk and are not street officers have a lot more paperwork to do than other officers.

The desk paper work needs specific expertise, such as manpower reports, overtime justification adn scheduling, vehicle usage reports, inventory of physical plant reports that are done daily on such things as radios and weapons.

Those reports cannot be done by just any officer pulled off the street.

A street cop in the US or constable in the UK does preliminary investigations into incident and then writes up a report with a fairly short who, what, where, why and when.

If an arrest is made there is more paper work that is done.



Ranking up!

Generally an officer will be eligible for promotion after 5 years. The promotion process is VERY similar to the initial hiring process. You will have to take a tough written test, and if you pass you will then go before a review board just like the one you went before when you got hired. Only this time the panel will consist of the rank you are going for (all Sergeants, Corporals, Lieutenants, etc.). Based on your written and oral scores you go on a list, and the best of the list will get promoted.
Promotion to the higher ranks will usually require a BA or MA Degree



Images of Officers