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Romig Families are a DREAM!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are so appreciative of the patience, good driving etiquette, and care you have been showing for our students and staff at parent drop-off. Both the front of the school and Dempsey have been going smoothly and we cannot thank you enough for pulling all the way forward to drop students at all sections of the sidewalk, using the left lane only for through traffic, and being kind. Well done!

Romig Open House Tuesday August 30th

Our Back to School Night is Tuesday, August 30th. We know many of you came on the 15th, but we wanted to open the space up for families.


6:30 large group session in the MPR

6:45 - 7:001st hour

7:00 - 7:10 2nd hour

7:15 - 7:25 3rd hour

7:30 - 7:40 4th hour

7:45 - 7:55 5th hour

8:00 - 8:10 6th hour

8:15 - 8:30 7th hour

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Picture Day Sept. 6th

Romig Picture day is Sept 6th and we will be doing photos in the gym. Photos will be taken in PE/Health classes. For those students who do not have PE/Health, we will call them to come to the gym for photos. It is important to take a photo so that we can produce your student ID. Current student IDs also get you free ridership on the People Mover.

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Attendance Matters

Research shows that the number one indicator of student success is attendance. Set a family goal of missing no less than 5% of a quarter. Being here makes a world of difference!

Would you like to clean the closet and get a tax break?

Romig's music program is more popular than ever. If you have a musical instrument that you would like to gift to the school we would love them and we are happy to give you a thank you letter for your tax write-off. Our biggest need is for trombones, trumpets, and violins, but we are thrilled to have other instruments with the exception of drums, pianos, or guitars.

Opportunity to be in school

The Romig School Store is a parent-led fundraiser that contributes to the purchase of much-needed academic supplies, sports programs, ChromeBooks, and more. Snacks and drinks are sold at lunchtime, and parent volunteers are needed to run the store.

  • Each shift is about 45 minutes at lunchtime.

  • The minimum commitment is a specific day of the week every other week (2 shifts per month).

  • Or, sign up to work every week if you like.

  • Parents can invite their student and a friend in to help work the store.

If interested, please send an email to

Elective Change requests

Our electives are very full this year. If you would like us to possibly change an elective class the request forms must be in by lunch on Thursday, August 25th.

High school Students must wait at specific locations

It is an expectation that high school students wait for siblings either off-campus, on the bike trail or at the far south end of the sidewalk. We appreciate that families want to walk home together. It is for safety reasons that we do not allow high school students to not gather at our front door to collect siblings. Please remind your high school student of this expectation.

Highschool students exit from West, not the Romig doors.

Sports/ Activities

Weight training will begin on August 29th from 3-4:40

To sign up for robotics please submit a participation form to the office.

Practice opening your locker

We are out in the halls to help you proactice your locker. Next week students will be expected to leave all backpacks/bags in the lockers so please take the time to learn your locker now.

Cell phones/earbuds are off and away all day

The Romig electronics policy is that phones/tablets are off and away all days with the exception of the lunchroom. In the lunch room, students may play games or text on mute. We never take photos at school unless by an adult for a specific reason. Students in violation of this policy will surrender their phones until the end of the school day. They may be picked up in the front office.

Mathletics Shirts

Matheletics shirts can be ordered at this link...

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Gear Up

Friday is Romig Pride day. If you would like to purchase shirts, jackets, etc. other Romig Gear please click on the link below...

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