Endeavor Shuttle Mission

A mission that will never be forgotten

About Endeavor

Space Shuttle Endeavor is one of the retired orbiters of the Space Shuttle program of NASA. Endeavor was the fifth and final spaceworthy of NASA space shuttle to be built.Endeavor first flew in May 1992 for mission STS-49 and It's last mission was STS-134 which was in May 2011.


The orbiter is named after the British HMS Endeavour (James Hook). The ship which took Captain James Cook on his first voyage of discovery (1768–1771). This is why the name is spelled in the British English manner, rather than the American English ("Endeavor") cause this has caused confusion.So that's why Endeavour is spelled with an o,u,r.

  • Congress authorized Endeavour in 1987 after the 1986 Challenger tragedy that killed seven astronauts.Endeavour made its flying debut in 1992.
  • Endeavour astronauts performed four spacewalks on a shuttle mission for the first time ever, one of them lasting longer than any other in space history which was more than eight hours.


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