Geography Yr 7



 This year we have done a  term on sustainibility we started by desinging a project of a sustainbility stadium and including social,eco friendly,enviromental. We had to get together in groups and explain the negative and positive about all them three things in sustainbility . We learnt that sustainibilty is were you recyling things like cans materials to make seats for are stadium, and water and toilets to be connected to the river and to water the grass to use the rain walteron the roof and i dears like that.                 

Geography And Sport

 Also towards the end of yr 7 we done a topic on Georgraphy and sport we used Liverpool fc to look at about them changing there stadium moving out of liverpool and we were thinking about the fans and othere members of the liverpool football club would see it and also the sustainbilty side of it.     We also learnt were can you play sports and what weather conditions you can play it in and is good to take part in seasons and weather conditions.