Unique and Original Poems

Written by Brooke in 4th grade 2012-2013

Bio Poem


Who is funny, weird, messy, athletic

Daughter of Kevin and Suzanne

Lover of fruit and outdoors

Who needs food and sleep

Giver of love and kindness

Who would like to see Paris and Hawaii

Resident of Harlan

Haiku- Spring is coming now!

Spring is coming now!

The flowers are in full bloom!

Ice cream here we come!

Acrostic- Volleyball

Very hard sport to play

Only sport that uses only hands

Learning to play is easy

Love to play

Energy is required

Yound people play the most

Breathtaking to watch

Awfully fun

Love the game

Likable sport

Shape- Bump set spike!

bump set spike dig serve hit tournament streak practice practice practice water jersey state firstplace gold win!

Dimante- Puppies and Kittens.


playful and annoying

sprinting biting sleeping

colorful adorable soft cuddly

eating clawing napping

cute curious



A bunch of bananas

were wearing bandannas

I am going to make

a yummy cupcake

My friends and I were in two cars

dreaming of flying to red Mars.

LImerick- Mary and 12 cats

There once was a girl name Mary

She had 12 cats who were hairy

One had brown spots

The other had dots

All three of them loved eating cherries