Elijah Houser

A guy with glasses


My name is Elijah Houser and I live in Delphi,Indiana. I really don't do any that cool but somethings I do do is draw and play video game.

A restaurant review

McDonald"s is one f the best places you can go for a quick bite plus it's cheap, so I give McDonald's a 5 out of 5.
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A Movie review

A Ghostbusters 2016 a fail from the very start. The actors were great but the Comedy and the Ghost are gross. 1 out 5
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My favorite teacher of all time

My favorite teacher all time is Bill Nye the science guy. This man, This legend has taught me so many things in my life 5 out of 5
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If I had $10,000

If I had $10,000 puny bucks I would spend it all on myself not giving a single cent to any one else, I would buy a PS4, A lot of games, and what ever else I can find.
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Advice to give someone who is bullied

If you are being bullied you need to rise out of the ashes and rain down a hurricane level of fury on your enemy and when he is weak strike him down. 93 out of 5-Ricky Willis
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Doing nice things for others

Something nice that I do is taking the trash out before I'm asked.5 out of 5
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If I could world

I would change the presidential candidates, I would change them to Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders my to favorite presidential candidates.
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Something I really like is........

I really like the movies that Quentin Tarantino. All of his movies are good in there own special way. Plus his movies are just awesome.
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