Come save a life, with Hot Cocoats!

Buying a hot cocoa can keep a child warm the whole winter

Hot Cocoa is just the beginning

Hot Cocoats is not just hot cocoa! For everyone one cup of hot chocolate you keep a child warm for the whole winter. How, you ask? Well, one cup is $2.50, and that is just enough for us at Hot Cocoats to buy a coat. We then go to different orphanages around the city and drop the coats of for kids who can't afford them. We encourage donations of $5 but it is completely optional! We hope you enjoy our homemade hot chocolate, with many toppings to choose from like whipped cream and chocolate shavings! Also, if you donate the $5 we recommend, you will enjoy your Hot Cocoa with the kid you are giving the coat to.

Meet some of the kids

Keep a kid from freezing this year


Helen HotChoco - The hot chocolate was delicious! It was also good to help my community. When I arrived to buy some hot chocolate they made me feel like family, no pressure in buying one.

Mandy Marshmallow- I have always wanted to help my community in a positive way. The child I helped fund was very sweet and grateful. I would definitely help another.

Charlie Bittersweet- I hated this business, the kid was very loud and obnoxious. Plus the hot chocolate was very sweet and bitter at the same time. Don't help a child today, it's a waste of money!

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We'd love a donation, but no pressure! We love your company, and you get Hot Cocoa!