The Daly News 5/20/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Important Dates

Hang on tight...we are almost there! Please make sure you are also watching the yellow EOY checklist for those important dates.

  • Talent Show Rehearsal (First Show)
  • 4th Grade yearbook signing event
  • Kindergarten class formation meeting 2:40 pm in the Media Center
  • Manatee Middle School for Sixth Grade (all week)


  • Talent Show Rehearsal (Second Show)
  • Field Day-Shorts is the appropriate dress for all staff
  • First Grade class formation meeting 2:40 pm in the SCIENCE LAB
  • Jane Cline on campus in the afternoon
  • PTO Meeting


  • Kindergarten Josh the Otter presentation
  • 2nd Grade yearbook signing event
  • Math Superstars Celebration in the Manatee Meadow
  • Second Grade class formation meeting 2:40 pm in the Media Center


  • Second Grade Circus
  • Kindergarten Park Field Trip
  • Third Grade class formation meeting 2:40 pm in the Media Center
  • Talent Show 5:00-7:00 pm


  • First Grade Luau
  • Fourth Grade class formation meeting 1:30 pm in the Media Center
  • Fifth Grade class formation meeting 2:30 pm in the Media Center
  • Valderama Orthdontics will be providing our staff an ice cream treat at 1:30 pm. The ice cream truck will be in front of the school, please join us for this special event provided by our business partner.


Pink/Blue Cards

  • If you have a student in Tier 2 or 3, please make sure you indicate it on the Pink/Blue Card. Make a note of what skill they were working on. Any details will be helpful to the teacher next year.

Direct Deposit

  • Please share this notice with Teachers, 10 month Assistant Principals, Psychologists (starting in August), Child Care Coordinators, and Assistant Child Care Coordinators.

    Friday, June 14th is the last day to make changes to your direct deposit bank account information for payments made on June 27th, July 15th, and July 31st. Your July checks are processed in June before the end of the fiscal year.

    Any direct deposit bank account changes received after Friday, June 14th, will take effect with your first paycheck in the 2019-2020 School year.

August 6th PDD

  • If you are having difficulty signing up for the 8/6 PDD please see admin. Remember, it is a 2 step process. First, sign up in ProGo and then select the classes. If a class is full, don't join the waiting list. They will not be pulling off the waiting list, so selecting a class with open seats is your best bet.

Your opinion wanted!

Below is October 2019 from our master calendar (still in draft form). October is a tricky month. I would love your input
Your opinion is needed!

We have many events in October. Below is a look at the October 2019 master calendar in draft form. The question is where to put the Hoe Down. Click this link to give your opinion in a Google Form by Wednesday 5/23, thanks!

Big picture
Big picture